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Here is a list of my current giveaways. They are open to US only unless otherwise stated. There is no limit to how often you can win, so check back often! GOOD LUCK!

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  1. As Always, THANK YOU MaMaSmith, (aka-secret identity) MaMasGeeky. Your generosity is commendable. Your promotions are fun. Your interviews and reviews are fascinating. Thanks for all you do and for making it each day a little brighter.

  2. Good morning Mama Geeky,
    I am just curious if you aren’t holding anymore giveaways or if you’re stopping your blog?? I hope NOT! Your’s is one of the few blogs that I have kept up with since I started reading and following blogs and bloggers!
    I just hope everything is well and you have a successful 2018!! Thank you!!

    • Yes, I still hold giveaways. There is one up right now, and another coming next week. I am not strictly a giveaway blog, never have been. More of an Entertainment/Lifestyle blog. Sometimes I happen to have a lot going on at the same time, sometimes I don’t. I only accept things that fit with my site, so that is why the number fluctuates. I promise I have some big ones coming up in 2018 that will coincide with movie releases and more. Thanks for being a loyal reader and good luck!

  3. Reading your reviews on movies at the theatres have helped me make up my mind on which movies to see or not to see! They’ve been pretty much on the ball too! I have also read your car reviews. We are going to be looking for one in the near future. So I do thank you for sharing all of your knowledge! I’m sorry! I really didn’t mean anything negative. I was just curious.

  4. Jacqueline Labrie on

    Y’all have so many awesome giveaways. I don’t even need to go anywhere else for them.

  5. Back to School…..okay I hope this time I stay out of hospitals I know Have AFIB .and Fibromyalgia,..but recentky found out I have An Enlarged heart ….forgot to tell them I’m a border line Anemic so they took a lot of blood for testing and Imat home and I’m very weak.but……….I remember when I first tried to connect with you your Name says it all and you have cute and interesting I’m in I hope this time So Mama Jerky I’m.going to do everything in my power to stay in touch with you even If I’m an old 72 year-old bag. I’m still alive and your Articles are so refeshing to me ….sincerely Mary Harding

  6. I dont know why that came out Mama Jerky I diid not say that I said Geeky MAMA GEEKY the letters are not even near each other for me to type that that was so strange that happened sincerely Mary Harding Again!!!!!