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Yesterday my family and I decided to check out the Paw Patrol Roll Patrol Road Tour at the Great New York State Fair. When we got there, the line looked really long – like, REALLY long – but we got in line anyways since this was the thing my girls wanted to check out at the fair. We went last weekend because we knew most of the day would be spent on Paw Patrol this time. We ended up waiting about 3.5 hours in line to enter Adventure Bay. Was this all worth it? Find out below.

Paw Patrol Line

While in line, we saw lots of people going in and out of line – taking turns with the kids so that they could get more out of their time at the fair. While I do understand this, it is just not in our nature. If we want to experience something, we are all going to wait in line for it, it only seems fair. We do this while at Disney World too (save for my husband stepping out of line for about 3 minutes to grab a bottle of water or to take one of the girls to the bathroom) as we know long lines are just part of the deal. I heard numerous people complain, but honestly, the line didn’t bother us. Our girls were fantastic. They didn’t really complain at all. Every now and then they said they were hungry but we let them know we would get lunch after we went through the Paw Patrol stuff.


On the way in, one family member registers the whole family and you all get wristbands – these are amazing because they allow you to now come in and out of the exit. Yup, no more waiting in that long line. These are especially useful because the Paw Patrol pups that you can meet and get a photo with switch out about every half an hour. If you can get your planning right, you can continue to come back and get photos with all four: Chase, Marshall, Rubble, and Skye. There is a smaller line inside Adventure Bay where you wait for the photos. This line was about an hour long each time we were in it and we did take turns waiting in it. There was enough going on inside Adventure Bay that the girls could check it all out and play while my husband or I waited in the photo line. We tried really hard to get a photo with Skye (my daughters’ favorite pup) but we kept missing her. The staff was really nice and said that we could wait to the side for her if we would like to – but it would have been about 40+ minutes. Sometimes their were two pups and sometimes there was just one. It depended on when the pups were taking breaks and lunches and it was hard to figure out the system. However, the staff was always willing to go check on who would be coming out next for you.

Watermarked Chase and Rubble

We ended up getting two photos. One with Chase, and one with Chase and Rubble. My girls were thrilled (although I was a little bummed we missed Skye) but they did not seem to really care. They saw her up there while we were in line and thought that was cool – I guess it was enough for them knowing that she was there. I loved that they printed out your photo for you right there on the spot – and asked you what phone number you wanted it texted to! My girls were carrying their photos around the whole fair, they were so excited to have them.

Watermarked Paw Patrol Toy      Watermarked Chase      Watermarked Skye

Inside Adventure Bay, besides take photos with the pups, kids could play with Paw Patrol toys, drive Paw Patrol cars, and even check out the Paw Patrol Lookout! My girls had a blast driving the cars around and playing with the new Paw Patrol molds in Kinetic Sand. Inside the Paw Patrol Lookout they could play video games, watch clips from episodes, look out periscopes, meet the new pup Tracker (a cut out), walk on a jungle log, and then exit via slide! They had a total blast and I loved watching them run around excited!

Watermarked Tracker

So was it worth it? For adults – no way. But for the kids – 1,000 times yes! My daughters loved everything about it. Seeing the smiles on their faces and them hanging up their photos with the pups in their room made it worth it to me as a parent. I do suggest maybe seeing what you can at the fair before you head over to the Paw Patrol Toad Tour. Go after lunch and your wait will be much shorter. Utilize that bracelet as well and head back in through the exit at least once to see if you can catch a photo with a different pup.

Watermarked Adventure Bay

There is so much more to do at The Great New York State Fair – check out my list of kid friendly things and my guide to the food for more tips and tricks when going!

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