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Entertainment Caillou's Can Do Collection

Caillou’s Can Do Collection

My daughters love to watch Caillou. PBS Kids is one of our favorite channels to watch on TV and they are always excited when Caillou comes on. We have a couple Caillou DVDs already and my youngest is always asking to take them in the car so she can watch them on trips. She even picked out Caillou to watch when it was her turn to choose for Family Movie Night. Caillou recently had his 25th Anniversary (this makes me feel old!) and released Caillou’s Can Do Collection 3-DVD set to celebrate!

Disney Disney Live

Disney Live Ticket Giveaway

If you want to read all about Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales and where it will be in the New York Metro are just click here Disney Live! Three Classic Fairy Tales is coming to town you’ll get the low down and all the details to purchase tickets to see the show.


The Berenstain Bears’ Book Giveaway

We love to read in this house. It is something we do plenty of every day. We read in the morning, we read before naps, we read before bed. I remember reading The Berenstain Bears’ books with my mom growing up. They are something I really wish I still had. We had tons of them. Now, as a mom myself, I love them even more. They teach kids great values in a fun way.


SciGirls from PBS Kids

My daughters have always enjoyed shows like Sid the Science kid, where they get to learn science in a fun way – but lately my oldest daughter has been watching shows like How It’s Made with my husband and I (and asking a ton of questions!). I was really excited to receive PBS Kids’ SciGirls Seasons 1 & 2 on DVD because I knew it was something she would enjoy watching. It is focused on Tweens, but she was glued to the TV for several episodes!


Hey Dude: The Complete Series

Come on down to the Bar None Ranch, where well-meaning owner Mr. Ernst (David Brisbin) tries his best to ride herd on his teenage staff, who always seem to be getting into some sort of scrape or other as they work and play on the range. Hey Dude stars Christine Taylor as lifeguard Melody, David Lascher as senior staff member Ted, Kelly Brown as horse trainer Brad, Joe Torres as the easygoing Danny, Debra Kalman as ranch hand Lucy and Josh Tygiel as Ernst’s son, Buddy. Hey Dude ran on Nickelodeon from 1989 – 1991 and has since become a cult sitcom favorite.

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