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Surprise Ride Review & News on A Giveaway

I love subscription boxes and I love crafts. So the Surprise Ride box is right up my alley! As you all know, I stay at home with my girls so I am always looking for fun things to do with them that also teach them something. My oldest goes to school, but that is only for 2 days a week right now. Surprise Ride sends a box right to your door every month. Each box is themed and full of hands on projects for you and your children. 


Operation ResCute

Operation ResCute BoxOperation ResCute has an amazing mission. It is to educate the next generation…


My Little Pony Pop Playset

My two little girls are obsessed with My Little Pony – and that is an understatement. We currently have 3 My Little Ponies from Build-A-Bear (we would have them all if I allowed it). I am constantly doing laundry because my daughter refuses to wear any of her undies besides her My Little Pony ones. I know all of the words to the theme song and all of their names and I can tell you their personality traits. Rainbow Dash is my favorite, my oldest’s favorite is Pinkie Pie, and my youngest’s favorite is Princess Twilight Sparkle. On more than one occasion, my husband and I have continued to watch the show after the girls have gone to bed, or the bathroom, or wherever. So you can imagine the excitement in the house when the My Little Pony Pop Playset: Pinkie Pie’s Sweet Shoppe showed up at our door.


Back To School: My Growing Up Reward Chart

My three year old is… well… she is her own individual, that is for sure. I love her but some days, well, she tests my patience. I have tried a lot of incentives for her to be more polite, to be nice to her sister, and to be gentle and nice with the dog but nothing was working. I was super excited when I was asked to review the My Growing Up Chart by Victoria Chart Company because it looked like something that would really help.

1 283 284 285 286 287 291