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Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness Season One Review

Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness may be a short season with just four episodes, but fans are sure to really enjoy it.

resident evil infinite darkness

Netflix’s Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness takes place years after Raccoon City, but there are still a lot of fan favorite characters that many will be happy to see. Claire and Leon are both in this series, and although the first season is very short, with just four 30 minute episodes, it is left open for more. Isn’t Resident Evil always left open for more? 

Set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield investigate a hacking at the White House and some strange occurrences that have them thinking what happened in Raccoon City is happening all over again.

resident evil infinite darkness

What Works With Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

The overall story that is told in these two hours is one that fans of the series will likely really enjoy. It is nice to get a little more detail into what was going on during that time — especially for two characters that everyone knows and loves — Leon and Claire. 

Right from the start Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is captivating and intriguing, pulling in fans of the video game, but also likely new viewers who know nothing about the series, but still love zombies and monsters.

Speaking of zombies and monsters, the ones in this series are really, really cool. Yes quite familiar at times, but that is not necessarily a bad thing. Because of their design, they help to tie the game into this show. Making it a fun experience for anyone who has been invested in the video games for years.

resident evil infinite darkness

What Doesn’t Work With Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

The biggest issue with this series is that the animation feels very much like a video game cut scene — but not in a good way. Like one of the older versions of the game, not the new ones. Perhaps that is on purpose, in order to make it flow seamlessly with the older games, but it can be distracting at times.

There are also a few dull moments due to pacing issues, but with only two hours total, this season flows well as a movie if you watch all the episodes back to back.

resident evil infinite darkness

Overall Thoughts

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness feels like a show that is catering to those that are already fans of the video game series. It fits perfectly in between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, further explaining some things and allowing viewers to go back to that place in RE history.

That being said, for fans of zombies and monsters, this could be their introduction to the series, and it will likely intrigue them enough to want to pick up a controller and check it out. 

While there are some animation and pacing issues, overall this show is not only action packed, it propels the story forward and gives the audience an inside peek at what was going on with Leon and Claire during this time between games. Certainly not perfect, but clocking in at under two hours it is more than worth a watch for real fans of the Resident Evil series.

resident evil infinite darkness

About Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness

Set between the events of Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5, the series takes place in 2006 after a hacking incident is uncovered at the White House. Leon S. Kennedy was ordered to investigate the incident, but he encounters zombies when the White House is targeted in a mysterious attack. He later meets Claire Redfield, who’s been checking a strange drawing made by a child refugee while working on a TerraSave-led mission to oversee construction of a welfare facility.

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness comes to Netflix July 8th.