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Not all heroes wear capes. Superpower Dogs is a heartwarming story about a group of hero canines that all have extraordinary abilities.

superpower dogs

Superpower Dogs is a documentary that shines a light on several extraordinary canines! These dogs do a lot of remarkable things like assisting first responders and helping people cope with PTSD. My daughters and I have two dogs, so I knew we would enjoy it. Voiced by the extremely talented Chris Evans, this is a must watch for dog lovers.

While the dogs are doing a lot of dangerous things and put in uneasy situations, a lot of what we see are reenactments. I really liked this because I can imagine some stuff might be harder for my daughters to watch with their young age. 

My girls and I enjoyed every single heartwarming story that we saw, and were extremely impressed with how incredible these dogs really are! Our dogs just putz around the house and I cannot imagine them doing any of these amazing things. Except maybe surfing. Actually, my daughters want to try to teach our dogs to surf now!

Superpower Dogs is only 45 minutes and a quick and fun watch. It was originally shown in IMAX but did you know that there are lots of IMAX films available to watch on Hulu now? I highly recommend them all!

superpower dogs

About Superpower Dogs

Real-life dogs around the world act as superheroes every day. This documentary chronicles the stories of super-pooches such as Henry, a Canadian avalanche rescue specialist, Reef, an Italian coast guard lifeguard, and Tipper and Tony, who help protect endangered species in Africa. Learn about the various unusual jobs dogs do as well as the science behind their unique, super-human abilities. Written and directed by Daniel Ferguson. Narrated by Chris Evans.

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