Next Door Spy Review: Kids Will Love This Fun Mystery


Next Door Spy follows young Agathe-Christine while solving her first mystery. A fun animated movie that will have kids begging for a sequel!

next door spy

My daughters are just like their mother, they love movies. So when I asked them if they would watch and review Next Door Spy for me, they both jumped at the chance. Normally I sit and watch a movie from beginning to end with them, but after watching the first thirty minutes of this movie, I knew I could allow them to go it alone and feel confident they wouldn’t be exposed to anything inappropriate.

Keep in mind, they are 7 and 8 years old, but I do let them watch some more mature things sometimes. The film follows ten-year old Agathe-Christine, who dreams about mystery from her new family’s basement, where she’s established a little detective bureau. But while solving the first mystery, she soon finds herself involved in a much more complicated case, bigger than she ever imagined.

next door spy

My daughters were both hooked from the start. That sat in almost silence as the mystery was getting more and more raveled. Of course, they would chatter to each other about what they thought happened — and who was stealing items from that shop. 

Every so often they would pause the movie, come running to me, and spew all their thoughts and ideas. When the culprit was revealed, they were both mind blown! Saying they had no clue and were very surprised. To me, that means this movie is not too predictable for young ones, and I think that is why they enjoyed watching it so much. They were sucked in because they wanted to help solve the mystery. 

When it was all over? They both asked me when the sequel was coming out! Seems like Next Door Spy is going to be a hit with the kids — and hopefully we get a whole series of films. I know they would watch them all!

next door spy

About Next Door Spy

Girl detective – check! Skater boy- check! You think you’ve got the stock characters down, but snoop around with the witty and wise Next Door Spy and you’ll find that things aren’t quite what they seem. Ten-year-old Agathe-Christine (AC, if you ask her) loves a good mystery. When her family moves to a new town that’s seemingly full of them, AC will need to turn her crackerjack detective skills inward to go beyond first impressions and unlock the key to friendship.

TriCoast Entertainment will release the feature onto various digital platforms 6/16!
(InDemand, Amazon, iTunes, DirecTV, AT&T, FANDANGO, FlixFling, Vudu)

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