Celebrate National Reading Month with an Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition!


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Celebrate National Reading Month with Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition

Education is very important in our household. I don’t mean to be biased but my daughters are both very smart. They are 6 and 7 years old and have nearly perfect report cards. They both really enjoy reading, my youngest so much so that in Preschool she opted out of nap time to read with her teacher more. I have been completely blown away by how much our Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition has helped my girls with their reading. Not only can they have stories read to them, but they can play educational learning games as well.

Amazon Echo Kids Edition Reading

National Reading Month

Did you know that March is National Reading Month? We are celebrating with our Alexa products and my girls are loving it! We read a lot in our house. Like, a lot! My daughters have reading logs for school and we fill them out every day. Our average reading time is 30 minutes, and that doesn’t include Alexa reading to us. My husband and I often encourage our daughters to read on their own. We set a timer for 10 to 15 minutes and have them read until it goes off. After that, they are allowed to go right back to having Alexa read to them.

Echo Dot Kids Edition Laughing

Amazon Storytime

Alexa, read me a bedtime story from Amazon Storytime” is what I hear every single night as I close my 6 year old’s bedroom door after saying goodnight. We recently went on vacation and she told me she had a hard time sleeping without her Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition reading to her. If I had not set up a time for Alexa to stop reading on the Parent Dashboard, I know that she would still be listening in the middle of the night. She says her favorite story to listen to is The Cutest Critter – just listen to her talk about it in this video.

Family Bonding Time

Besides the reading, FreeTime on Alexa gives us some unforgettable family time. We love the fact that we can share in the learning and fun together with these devices. One of our favorite things to do is ask Alexa questions. You should hear some of the things they come up with! My 7 year old is always going the science route, asking how things work. It sure makes me a proud mama (and I admit, I have learned some things too!).

Amazon Echo Kids Edition

The Amazon Echo Dot Kids Edition is a must have for any family. It has kept us on track with our New Years Resolutions, changed the way we have family time together, and has even made us all just a bit smarter. There are so many features for kids and adults alike (the Parent Dashboard is a life saver!). Alexa gets us up in the morning, and puts us to bed at night – and we couldn’t be happier!

Giveaway Alert

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  2. Dorothy Boucher on

    I think the grandchildren would definitely get use out of this echo dot for children, I can see them already to which book they want to listen to .

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