How To Make Super Cool Singing Pumpkins for Halloween


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singing pumpkins

My family likes to go big for Halloween. It is one of our favorite holidays and we start decorating in September so we can enjoy it longer. Our house is always one that people stop at to check out. We have a smoking cauldron, which is pretty awesome, but the biggest draw is our singing pumpkins. They have a nightly show starting in October and we have become sort of famous for it in our little city. So in this article I am going to tell you how to easily create your own!

Singing Pumpkins

You only need a few items to create your own singing pumpkins.

The first thing you need to do is decide where you want to set up your pumpkins. Attach your projector mount to an area directly across from that. We have ours attached to the ceiling of our front porch. Point the projector towards where your pumpkins will be.

DIY Singing Pumpkins

The Set Up

Load the singing pumpkins file to your projector. You can either set up a timer so that the program will play at a certain time each night or do it manually. We have an app on our phone that is a remote to our projector so that we can start it from inside. Set your pumpkins up so that the faces line up on them properly. Connect your speakers to your projector via Bluetooth and place one on either side of your porch (or wherever you have set the pumpkins up). We hide our speakers in the bushes so it really seems like the pumpkins themselves are singing.

The best thing about the singing pumpkins file is that you can edit it however you want. Take out songs, order them however you want, and put together your own show. We switch ours up year to year just to keep things interesting. With these few simple steps, your house can be the hit of the neighborhood this Halloween!

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