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If you follow me on social media then you already know I went to Hawaii a couple of weeks ago. When I was first planning this getaway with my husband, I turned to Google. I was quickly overwhelmed by all of the activity options and trying to track down reliable reviews. We only had a few days to spend there and I wanted them to be perfect. Then I was told to check TripAdvisor and I was blown away! Using TripAdvisor, we could plan our entire vacation – from hotel, to flights, to all of our activities. We can even check out what restaurants we might want to eat out while away (and we found some great ones!). This site has changed the way I will be booking travel from now on.

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Choose From Many Activities

There were so many activity options to choose from just by searching the location we were traveling to. We were so thankful to have it all in one place where we could filter by price, length of the activity, and activity type. I am a planner by nature so I like to have pretty much every moment of my vacation booked before we get there. On my most recent Hawaii trip we booked a helicopter ride, day time snorkel trip, and a night time manta ray snorkel. All of these things were brand new to me and so much fun! The employees and guides were extremely nice and knowledgeable about their island. I must say, I am totally hooked on snorkeling now and cannot wait to plan many more adventures!
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Read Reliable Reviews

My husband and I always look up reviews of an item before we purchase it, and booking our trips is no different. It is not that we take the word of others, but we like to see the different experiences others have had. The reviews at TripAdvisor really helped us in deciding which companies to book with and which activities to choose. We were only there for 4 days, so of course we had to opt out of a few things we wanted to do, but we were very pleased with what we did choose. All thanks to TripAdvisor reviewers! Because of this, we were sure to review all of our experiences on the site as well, so others in the future can have more experiences to read about.

Easy Booking All In One Place

Once you decide which adventures you want to book, you can do it through the site with ease! I planned our entire vacation – adding different activities to my cart – and then checked out all at once. Once you pay, you are sent a voucher to your email for each individual event. I printed them all out and brought them with us, but not one activity required we have it. We just needed a photo ID. I never knew booking a vacation full of fun could be so easy!

If you are planning a trip to, well, just about anywhere, I highly recommend checking out TripAdvisor! You can book from start to finish in just a few minutes. It is the world’s largest provider of tours, activities and attractions, with more than 56,000 bookable experiences in 2,500 destinations worldwide. They even have 24/7 customer service and a low price guarantee. You really can’t beat that, can you? I love that I can sit down and plan my entire vacation with a couple clicks of a button – and check out and pay all at once. Plan your next vacation with TripAdvisor and see how easy it is for yourself!

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