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Is A DVC Member Cruise Worth It?

Is a DVC member cruise worth it? Let’s discuss the Disney Vacation Club member cruise pros and cons.

Is a DVC Member Cruise worth it?

Is A DVC Member Cruise Worth It?

A Disney Vacation Club member cruise is available to book only by Disney Vacation Club members. Of course, those who join them in their cabin do not need to be members themselves. These are special sailings that offer a variety of exclusives. However, they cost a pretty penny, even when compared to other Disney Cruises. So, is a DVC Member Cruise worth it? Let’s discuss.

DVC Member Cruise Gifts

DVC Member Cruise Pros

Probably the most exciting thing for Disney Vacation Club members about a DVC Member Cruise is all of the member gifts. Each night a special item will be left in your stateroom — one for every person in your cabin. For a family of four, this means you get four of each gift.

Yeah, you want to bring an empty suitcase with you because these are often large items. On the 2022 DVC Member Cruise cruisers received fuzzy blanket coats, statues, pins, and so much more. On top of the stateroom gifts, each day a table is set up in the lobby where you can pick up additional, smaller gifts, such as Chapstick.

DVC Member Cruise menus

Special menus at dinner each night — that you get to take home with you! You will never forget the great meals that you enjoyed because you are able to take the DVC Member Cruise branded menus home with you. 

Exclusive Entertainment is another big perk to a DVC Member Cruise. We aren’t just talking about the great Broadway style shows that Disney Cruise Line offers, there is so much more on a member cruise. Members are often shown a new Disney movie that is not even released to the public yet.

DVC Member Cruise exclusive entertainment

There are panels with Disney animators and creators, exclusive screenings of new shows, and a lot of fun activities. For example, on the 2022 member cruise, cruisers were given the chance to sing karaoke with Disney stars. You never know what celebrities you will bump into on a DVC member cruise. 

You will also be surrounded by like-minded people. What I mean by that is everyone on this cruise is a massive Disney fan, they pay to be Disney Vacation Members. Friendships will be formed, some lasting a lifetime. There are many stories about DVC members that met on a member cruise and now plan vacations together.

Rare character meet and greets are a huge plus, if you are like me. I have no shame in standing in a line for way too long to meet one of my favorite characters.

DVC Member Cruise Cons

Probably the biggest con when it comes to a Disney Vacation Club Member Cruise is the cost. They are a bit more pricy than a regular Disney Cruise, although you really need to take into consideration all of the extras you are getting. Between the exclusive events and the daily member gifts, Disney more than makes up for the difference in price.

Something that is also listed as a pro, but can be a con, is that you are on a ship full of Disney fanatics. While this translates to being with your people, those who really get you, it also means extremely long lines at the store for exclusive merchandise, as well as insane lines for character meet and greets. Nearly everyone on this ship is a big Disney fan so they will be just as eager to do the exclusive things as you will. 

In Conclusion…

In conclusion, a DVC member cruise is totally worth it if you are a big Disney fan. That said, would you really be a Disney Vacation Club member if you weren’t? As long as you can handle being on a cruise ship, and can afford the price tag, then I highly recommend booking an upcoming Disney Vacation Club member cruise. There truly is nothing like it. They are full of magic and wonder, and you will not regret it.

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