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jurassic world fallen kingdom

The opening of Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom has set sales of dinosaur-themed toys stampeding! Dinosaurs have always been popular with kids, but now it is growing. I know my girls love dinosaurs! Here are just a few dinosaur toys that are sure to have your kids excited. Fill your summer with dinosaur fun!

dinosaur glove-a-bubble

Dino Glove-A-Bubbles (Zing)

Kids can slip this dino-shaped ‘animal themed’ gloves on their hands, dip it into the portable pouch of bubble solution, wave their hands and make hundreds of bubbles with just a wave of their hands! My girls have had so much fun running our yard with this bubble-a-glove. There are other animals to choose from too!

Purchase here.


Splattosaurus (EPOCH)

Kids mold their very own clay dinosaur players to move around the board. When another dinosaur enters the same spot, players can SPLAT their opponents into extinction. Not only is this an exciting board game, but it allows you to be creative and crafty. You get to design your own playing piece by sculpting your own dinosaurs with the included clay and mold. pend time together as a family with this exciting and unique game from Game Zone. Quality family time is important for children building their social skills and developing relationships, plus it’s tons of fun!

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stickbot dino

Stikbot Dinos (Zing)

The wildly popular stop-motion animation toy and app now features dinosaurs! This lets kids make Stikbot-themed animation shorts – maybe even their own Jurassic Park movie! I foresee hours and hours of family fun with these guys!

Purchase here.

playmobil hidden temple t-rex playset

PLAYMOBIL Hidden Temple with T-Rex playset

Kids can explore these ancient temple with the help of a secret map – simply rub it to reveal a hidden path where ”X” marks the spot. The playset also has “functioning” laser gun, working temple gate and pulley system and comes with a cool UV flashlight to reveal glow-in-the-dark features like the ruin’s crystal eyes, jungle plant and more! Each of six new playsets in the line features a different dinosaur and plenty of play adventures designed to inspire kids to explore the far reaches of their imaginations.

Purchase here.

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