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My kids live for summer – as I am sure most do. Especially at their young age – they are 5 and 7. My whole family looks forward to grilling dinners, playing games in the yard, and just having fun together in the warm weather. Something else my girls are passionate about? Well that would be PJ Masks. Like their Mama, they are big superhero fans. I have started them young with stories about Iron Man and Spider-Man, and so when they first saw PJ Masks on Disney Junior, they fell in love! This summer I am combining two of their loves, outside fun and PJ Masks!

Super Summer Fun

PJ Masks sent us our very own Time to Be a Summer Hero box that was PACKED with items we needed to have the best summer ever! My daughters’ favorite was the awesome golf set. As soon as the rain stopped, I couldn’t keep them inside. They played with this for hours! Of course, we were thrilled to get two frisbees (a hard and a soft one) because ours had just broke. The dogs were pretty happy about this too as they played frisbee with us. This kit also included a water bottle, which was great because keeping hydrated in the summer is super important. There was also bubbles and a Gecko sunglasses mask.

Upcoming Episodes

As I mentioned already, we watch PJ Masks pretty much non-stop in our house. So we were all thrilled to hear about a few new episodes that will be airing starting this week. These fun-filled episodes are part of Disney Junior the Channel’s Fantastic FRIYAYS.

“May the Best Power Win”

The PJ Masks are excited about their new powers, but Romeo creates an “All-in-One” belt for his Robot which can defeat all of their superhero abilities. Catboy, Owlette and Gekko will have to work together as a team and unify their powers to stop Romeo.
“Moonbreaker”: Romeo’s Robot is digging on the moon to grab a giant Lunar Crystal. In order to stop him, the PJ Masks must trust Luna Girl and give her back her Lunar Magnet to heal the moon while they stop Romeo.

Premiering Friday, June 15 at 10:00a.m.

“The Race Up Mystery Mountain”

Catboy realizes being the best isn’t always the solution when he and the other PJ Masks must prevent Night Ninja from stealing a magical ring hidden atop the Mystery Mountain.
“The Mountain Prisoner”: Catboy, Gekko and Owlette have to get into the Mystery Mountain and find a magical ring to stop Night Ninja after he captures PJ Robot.

Premiering Friday, June 22 at 9:30a.m.

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