Summer Toys That Every Kid Needs (and Wants!)


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Summer Toys That Every Kid Needs (and Wants!)

This summer, I have been on the hunt for new toys for my girls. Fun things for the whole family, that they can enjoy inside on rainy days, and outside when the weather is nice. Here in Upstate New York we don’t have a lot of summer time. We basically skip Spring and go right in to Summer after Winter. We need to take advantage of the time we get. Since I have been researching lots of great toys, I figured I would share the list with you guys. Enjoy!

John Deere Monster Truck Play Set

This John Deere Monster Treads 6″ Lights and Sounds Gator and Tractor Play Set is officially licensed by John Deere. These off-road monster vehicles are ready to tackle any obstacle that lies in their path. Each one in this John Deere play set makes real-life sounds that mimic the real version. There are three functioning lights and sound action with LED lights. With their all-terrain steering and super bouncy tires, these toys are not only realistic, but also fun. The kids’ play set also conveniently includes a set of nine batteries, which allow your kids to get straight to the action right after they open up the package. This item makes a wonderful gift for any child.

Purchase here.

Tomy Toomies Bubble Blast Train

Turn bath time into bubble time fun with the Bubble Blast Train from Tomy Toomies. Just pour in the bubble mix and pull the lever to release a burst of bubbles. Colorful train easily adheres to bathroom wall with strong suction cups on the back.

Purchase here.

Tomy Toomies Foam Cone Factory

The Tomy Toomies Foam Cone Factory Water Toy turns bath time into fun time. Just add bubble bath and water. Your little one can pull the lever to create pretend ice cream cones, complete with pretend sprinkles. Easily adheres to wall with suction cups.

Purchase here.

Tomy Toomies Fountain Rocket

Submerge and fill the Tomy Toomies Fountain Rocket Water Toy, then hold it high and watch the waterfall dome that magically flows from the bottom. It’s an easy and fun way to wet your little one’s hair in the tub and introduce them to pool play.

Purchase here.

jabba the hutt slime lab

Jabba the Hutt Slime Lab

Recreate some of the disgusting and oozing substances found inside Jabba’s Palace, as you discover the science of slime through over 10 different slime experiments! you’ll find out what’s at the heart of chemistry: investigating different substances and experimenting to see how they interact, combine, and change when mixed together to form new substances. Includes 5 easy to use and safe ingredients and a full-color science learning poster.

Purchase here.

build a bot

Build-A-Bot Bug

Are you ready to build and customize your own colorful robot friend? Build-a-Bot Bug by Colorific is the latest exciting addition to the S.T.E.A.M. toy market and is available in 3 adorable characters (Scatter Ant, Buzzy Bee, and Ladybug). With 20+ pieces, you can construct your own bot and watch it hop to life! You can even take the robots apart and reassemble, or mix and match parts to create unique configurations. Build-a-Bot Bug is fun for kids, collectors, and anyone interested in beginner robotics.

Purchase here.

rampage mini arcade game

Mini Arcade Game: Rampage

Experience the original Rampage arcade game in a new miniature size! Authentic game play with retro-styling and sounds, and a joystick and buttons that work just like the original! Smash cities and topple buildings with George, Lizzie and Ralph – but don’t let the soldiers and helicopters take you down!

Purchase only at Walmart.

swivel snaps

Swivel Snaps

Swivel-Snaps Creative Construction Set #102 includes: 12 Squares, 20 Triangles, and 42 connectors. These colorful parts allow users to build their own toys… buildings, rockets, balls, artistic patterns, animals, 3D puzzles, 3D geometric solids, or something new and unique to them. Swivel-Snaps help develop user’s fine motor skills, shape recognition skills, and spatial relationship skills, all while providing countless hours of entertainment for the whole family. With Swivel-Snaps, users can build bigger, build faster, build stronger, build safer, and build in any direction!

Purchase here.

vampirina doll

Vampirina Doll & Microphone

The 6” Vampirina Ghoul Girl Doll is made with beautiful character detail and with poseable arms and legs to help inspire imaginative play. Dressed in her signature spook-tacular fashion from the show. Comes with a bat-tastic backpack accessory she can really wear. Kids can also rock out with Vampirina’s rockin’ band, the Ghoul Girls with this microphone. Press the button to activate colorful light up effects and hear the music from the show. Features a bat-tastic design with mini bat wings that Vampirina fans will love!

Purchase Vampirina toys here.

nature cat plushes TOMY

Nature Cat Plushes

Tally Ho! Nature Cat, an animated series on PBS Kids, follows the adventures of house cat, Fred, on his backyard nature adventures when he transforms into Nature Cat, backyard explorer extraordinaire. Recently nominated for an Emmy for Best Preschool Animated Program, the show encourages kids to go on outdoor adventures of their own. For the first-time ever, kids can bring Nature Cat, Hal, Squeaks and Daisy on their next adventure. TOMY is introducing a line of 8” plush of your child’s favorite characters!

Purchase here.

mega melon sprinkler ball

Mega Melon Sprinkler Ball

Kids will have a JUMBO good time this summer with the new Mega Melon Sprinkler Ball. Standing 3 feet tall, this giant, melon ball of fun, spouts water from four different fountains. It’s the super soaker inflatable of the summer.

Purchase here.

beach basket

American Plastic Toys Deluxe Beach Basket

Little ones can pack up all their beach essentials in one handy, stackable beach basket that has it all, as the lid doubles as a sieve! This roomy basket holds everything kids can imagine for an endless day of sand building play. The basket includes two boats, three hand tools, a pail, three large sand shapes, four medium sand shapes, three castle molds, a large character shovel, and a sprinkling can.

Purchase here.

my very own ice cream cart

My Very Own Ice Cream Cart

This colorful, rolling vending cart allows you to scoop your favorite ice cream and make cones and sundaes! it features a pretend freezer compartment, credit card Scanner, credit card and coins. Four cones, two bowls, four spoons, six scoops of ice cream, and two ice cream scooping utensils are also included!

Purchase here.

calico critters cozy cottage

Calico Critters Cozy Cottage

Comfortable, cozy and close to the Village! The Cozy Cottage is the perfect starter home for children to build their world of imagination. Bell Hopscotch is ready to play house in her quaint home, furnished with a bed, kitchen sink, stove/oven, food, tables, chairs and more! Kids can connect the Cozy Cottage to the Country Home for even more creativity and fun.

Purchase Calico Critters here.

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