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One of our favorite things to do as a family is brick building. We love building from kits, but we also love creating whatever our imaginations can think up. My oldest daughter is particularly good at this so when she discovered Strictly Briks new Trap and Gap Baseplates, her mind went wild. She started thinking up all sorts of creations and could not wait to start building! When I handed her the box I felt like I could actually see the wheels turning in her head. Within minutes, she had some pretty amazing structures built.

About the Trap and Gap Baseplate

Trap And Gap Baseplates are a whimsical addition to any building adventure with a surprise element for budding engineers. Build a typical structure and add this baseplate that creates a gap or trap door for a toy car or other small household item to slide down to the next level! Like all Strictly Brik pieces, every building addition snaps on to others to create vertical and horizontal structures. There’s no right or wrong way to assemble, as a child’s imagination is the only guide. This unique baseplate takes the classic Strictly Briks stackable plate design and adds to it with the addition of trap doors and ramps that open up tons of creative possibilities. From castle towers to parking garages to homes, you can go from level to level with action figures, cars, and all sorts of toys.

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Strictly Briks Trap & Gap Baseplates

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  1. I would like to win for my daughter. She would have so much fun building her doll houses with the baseplates!
  2. I would love to win this for my grandkids. We love doing activities like this with my grandkids. They are artists, crafters, bakers, builders, puzzle doers, movie watchers, slime makers, campers, etc.
  3. We have a large family. As much as I’d love to buy them everything, we can’t. So I spend some of my free time entering contests on some of my favorite websites! Thank you for the opportunities!!
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  5. We had 3 kids’ birthdays this month- we have 11 more to go. I know one of them would love to get this if I win.
  6. I want to win because, I want to give my family as much as I am able to. Buying gifts for 15 grandchildren is quite expensive
  7. Susan Hartman on
    My grandson loves building. I know that he would love the garage that is built on the cover. He would copy that one!
  8. This is a FUN giveaway and it would be FUN for me and my grandkids to enjoy. Thank you for the opportunity!

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