DIY Archery Target To Help You Shoot Arrows Like Hawkeye!


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DIY Archery Target

We may not be seeing much of Hawkeye lately, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t a major part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). In fact, not seeing him in the Avengers: Infinity War trailers and posters could mean he is more important than we could even imagine. I have my own theories for him, and in less than two weeks we will know for sure. Sometimes I channel Hawkeye because I love archery. I’m the sort of person that would look into something like finding the best recurve bows or any archery equipment. That’s how much I love this sport. And The Avengers may have pushed this hobby further, but who’s complaining?

Where I live, there are not many places to shoot around, so I created my own target out of a few things I found in the basement. It was really easy, and did not take long at all.

DIY Archery Target Hawkeye

What You’ll Need:

Step 1 – Make the Frame

Cut board into (4) 2? pieces. Cut (2) 1? channels into (2) of the boards.

I made mine about 4? deep into the board. These channels will be used for the ratchet straps to travel in to tighten down the carpet. For mine I spaced each channel in 1-1/2? from the edge of the board so that it left about 4? in between the channels. Form the box into a square and fasten with screws or nails. Make sure the boards with the channels are opposite from each other so that the channels line up to form a path for the straps to pass through.

DIY Archery Target

DIY Archery Target

Step 2 – Cut the Carpet

Cut strips of carpet into size to lay down in the box frame. Based on which way you form the long sides this will be either 9?x21? or 9?x24?.

Cut enough to totally fill up to the top of the box plus a few. Start laying them in. When full, try to compress by hand and fit a few more in. I did a search online and supposedly other materials like old blue jeans or cardboard work as well, just make sure any staples, buttons, zippers, etc. are removed or they could ricochet your arrows.

DIY Archery TargetDIY Archery Target

Step 3 – Add the Ratchet Straps

Route the (2) ratchet straps through the channels above the top layer of the carpet. Attach each strap to itself and tighten.

The key to what makes this target work well is the many layers and the compression. You want it tight enough so that the arrows won’t pass right through. You don’t, however, want it too tight that they will bounce out or be hard to pull out. The ideal target will take the arrow in and stop it in a reasonable distance without redirecting the arrow in any direction. This is really a game of trial and error at this point.

DIY Archery Target

Now you are all set to take it out and give it a “shot”. We made this from materials we had just laying around the house. The board pieces were excess from our raised garden bed, the carpet pad was left over from when we had our living room carpet changed, and we even had an extra ladder handle from our girls’ swing set to make a convenient carrying handle. The remaining extra carpet we string up behind the target to stop any stray arrows on the occasional bad shot!

DIY Archery Target Hawkeye

I think it is safe to say Hawkeye would be impressed!

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