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In a world where good deeds and kindness are happening less and less often, it is more important than ever to teach our kids about giving back. Now, thanks to The Good Cards, I have an easy way to do this for my girls that they will find fun and exciting. The Good Cards is a real life game powered by a mobile app that is simple to use. This game is sure to have the whole world doing good deeds and helping each other out in no time.

Spread Love

The goal of The Good Cards is to spread love, happiness, and kindness. Players purchase a physical card, that is about the size of a credit card. It is well made from biodegradable plastic and very durable, ensuring that it can last for years to come. The players download the app and then simply scan the code from their card with their phones and they are given a mission to do something nice for someone. It could be as simple as purchasing the coffee order for the person behind you in the drive through – something I tend to do every now and then anyways.

They then pass the card along to the next person, for example, you could leave it with the employee at the drive through window to give to the person behind you with their order. Now they scan it with their app and do a challenge for someone else. They then pass that card on, continuing the good deeds.

Track Your Inspiration

The cards could end up around the country, or the world, and one of the coolest things about The Good Cards, you can track it. Share your story in the app and it will link to that card. As others scan it they will be able to see all the magic that this one card – and one simple act of kindness started. There are sure to be many inspiring stories for each card. So don’t think twice about helping out someone. You never know what chain reaction you might start. This world needs kindness, let’s do it together.

The cards are traveling the globe and have already impacted 18 different countries. What is really cool about this project is the team has been developing the two mobile apps for the last 1 ½ years and started beta testing in February 2017. From the United States, just in the last few months, cards have already reached 18 different countries including Bolivia, Costa Rica, the Netherlands, Belgium, Australia, Indonesia, and Portugal.

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Teach Kindness

As a mom, I have the goal raising my children to be good people. We have all heard about Pokémon Go and how successful it was, how big it got. My girls were playing all the time, and I am sure your kids were too. Think about a game that exists to contribute to helping other human beings and makes doing good fun and great – that’s a wonderful concept! Let’s imagine a game that engages as many people as Pokémon Go did, into doing kind things for others. If that could happen, the world would be changed in one summer because the impact would be so big that we would be able to feel the difference in society. This is the direction that these guys want to take this game.

What’s really cool is now, for the first time, the cards are becoming available online for the wider public. Before now, you could only get the cards by meeting with the founders or the team while they were in beta testing. For thirty days, they’ve organized a campaign on Kickstarter to take the project to the next level and you can get cards for as little as $2 per card! They’re looking for the community to build this game with them, choose new features, and find out what the future of this product will look like. If you would like to support this and have your voice heard with building the more advanced version of this, back them up, get some cards, and play with your kids!

Join the game and change the world!


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