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Terras Kitchen Lemon Chicken Meal

I have always enjoyed cooking, but I am not one for coming up with good recipes. I have many cookbooks, but honestly I can flip through one for an hour and still not know what I want to make for dinner. That is one of the many reasons I love Terra’s Kitchen. They make dinners easy by sending you the ingredients you need – already prepped. They have a good amount of recipes to choose from, but not too many that you can’t decide. And the recipes are really easy to follow.

Terras Kitchen Delivery

The way Terra’s Kitchen arrives is actually really cool. I have received several other meal kit delivery services before and this is by the far the best packaging I have seen. The ingredients arrive in a cooler box, organized in to several different trays. My favorite thing about it is the fact that there is no waste. Simply pull off the shipping label and underneath it is a return label. FedEx will them pick the box up off your porch the next day.

For our delivery we received four meals, and all of them were delicious. My husband was really impressed with how they came out – and OK, I was too. We have two young daughters, ages 4 and 5, and the meals for 2 were actually enough to feed our whole family. And not only that, they enjoyed it so much they told their friends at school about it. I actually had a couple of parents ask me about the service and how to sign up for it.

I love that Terra’s Kitchen allows you to add salads, smoothies, sides, and snacks to your order. Their proteins are non-GMO as well as hormone and antibiotic free. All seafood is sustainability sourced and ingredients are organic when possible. With Terra’s Kitchen, dinner is easy (and you can feel good about serving it!).

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