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Entertainment Scooby-Doo & KISS

Scooby-Doo & KISS: Rock and Roll Mystery Blu-ray #Giveaway + #Printables

My daughters and I love a good mystery show. Scooby-Doo was always a favorite of mine growing up so of course I passed the torch along to my girls and now they love the show. Every time I go to Universal Studios I have to get my photo taken with Shaggy and Scooby. I cannot wait to take my girls there because I know they will be excited. My 4 year old’s favorite character is Shaggy – she just loves his laugh! Scooby-Doo has teamed up with KISS for the Rock and Roll Mystery and now you can win a copy on blu-ray!


#Free Ant-Man Family Activity Pack: Match Game, Coloring Sheets, & More

I am so beyond super excited for Ant-Man this weekend! I was planning on going tonight but it is my mom’s last night in town visiting so we are pushing it off until tomorrow night. I will be sure to let you guys all know what I think of it though. As a huge fan of the comic books, I think that Paul Rudd is going be great as Scott Lang. I am eager to see how the movie is done and the plot line they have chosen. I have heard to be sure to stay through TWO sets of credits! I shared a special Ant-Man inspired Cinnamon Raisin Cupcake & Cream Cheese Frosting Recipe with you recently and now I have a huge 20-page Family Activity Pack for you! It is filled with coloring pages, mazes, spot the differences, and more!

Disney Top 10 Cosplay Costumes

Top 10 Female #Cosplay Costumes to Wear to #D23Expo | #Disney #Cosplay #DisneyCosplay

As you may already know, I was selected to attend the D23 Expo with 24 other amazing bloggers next month and I am beyond excited! From the second I found out I was going, I started thinking costumes! I have always wanted to cosplay at a con and this is my chance. So many thoughts were running through my head. I love Disney, Marvel, & Star Wars equally so what is a girl to choose? Well, there are three days which means three costumes, which means one for each. That is the current plan, however, I cannot say for sure what I will decide on. I am not crafty when it comes to clothing at all. I once made myself a Rogue costume and it was, well, it wasn’t pretty. So if you are not crafty at all and need some cosplay ideas, you have come to the right place. Since I have been researching all week, you get to reap the benefits! Below are my top 10 costumes and where to find them!

Entertainment Daniel Tiger Goes to School

Daniel Tiger Goes to School on DVD 8/18 #DanielTiger

BS Kids is on in our home constantly. My girls love every show and I do too – they are always educational and fun – and entertaining for me too! Daniel Tiger is a family favorite in our house – even my husband enjoys it. We love that it is based off of Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood that we watched while growing up. Right now it is the summer but back to school time is quickly approaching. My 4 year old will be going every day for the first time and my 2.5 year old will be going for the first time (although only 2 days a week). I have been trying to talk to them more about school and how much fun it can be to learn. I have stayed at home with them for so long that I worry it will be a big (and unwelcome) change to them. Daniel Goes to School has some great episodes that show how school is fun – and it is making my 2.5 year old really excited. We all love singing the “Grown-ups Come Back” song together.

Disney D23

8 #Disney Legends to be Honored During #D23Expo 2015 in Anaheim

I am 99% sure I am heading to the D23 Expo next month! Just have to clear it with hubby (so important as we all know). I will be joining 24 other amazing bloggers for a trip out to CA to attend and I am so excited. I literally screamed out loud when I read the invite email! And then, when I saw this, well, I got a little bit more excited – like that is even possible. I LOVE Star Wars! OK, OK, read on fellow nerds and enjoy!

Disney Ant-Man

Little Ant-Man Viral Video #AntManEvent #LittleAntMan

Ant-Man comes out this week and I am so excited! I cannot wait to go see it on opening night – Friday July 17! I hope you checked out my Ant-Man Inspired Cupcake Recipe last week that includes a link to a ton of Ant-Man Birthday Party printables! These are a great way to celebrate the movie release and I just discovered another way. Little Ant-Man (video shown below) is quickly becoming a viral sensation. This video is cute, hilarious, and creative. I am a huge Marvel Comics fan and I approve! Share this with all your friends and don’t be afraid to let me know what you think in the comments! And be sure to go see Ant-Man this weekend!

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