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Movie Time with Shout Factory!

Everyone loves movies! We have a movie night every Sunday and it is something I truly treasure with my girls. We make popcorn, cuddle on the couch, and take turns picking movies. Of course we are always watching kid movies, but that is fine, because I love them too! Movies are special. They transport you for an hour or so. Take you away to a magic land. I always remember getting movies under the tree when I was growing up – VHS of course.


PBS Favorites on DVD for the Holidays!

If your children are anything like mine, they love PBS Kids. My girls just cannot get enough of PBS shows. Those couple hours in the middle of the day when it switches away from kid shows are rarely fun times. Yes, I do a lot of stuff with my girls like puzzles and crafts, but the TV is almost always on in the background. They like the comfort of knowing it is there. I was thrilled to receive these DVDs. from PBS Kids because I play them during that “down time” now.

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