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NCircle Entertainment Holiday DVD #Giveaway | #HGG

Meet Naya! Join Naya and her friends as they embrace numerous quests in the Arctic. One might think that a young girl would get bored living in the Arctic but not Naya! Every day is an adventure with her and her friends. Each story starts with the sea washing ashore an item and then throughout the story, Naya and friends learn the purpose of the item. Your little one is sure to enjoy these heart-warming adventures that teach children fundamental human values all while enjoying a good laugh!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens Coloring & Activity Sheets

You all know how much I love Star Wars. I am so excited about this new movie (and the coloring and activity sheets I just received) that I had to log on here and share them with you on the eve of my move. Yup, tomorrow I head to a new home (just 20 minutes away) and the entire house is packed up – but I just had to make sure you guys got these amazing sheets ASAP. My husband and I have had our tickets to see The Force Awakens for quite some time now. Since Fandango broke the internet during Monday Night Football to be exact. We have been waiting for this movie for longer than I can seem to remember. I just know it is going to be amazing. If you are one of those people that has never seen a Star Wars (shame!), get yourself caught up now before the new one comes out. You have exactly 2 weeks – EEK! – and you will thank me!

Collectibles & Subscriptions TMNT Box

TMNT Box: The Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Fan Subscription Box | #TMNTBox

I grew up watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. My sister and I loved the TV Show, the movies, and we had all of the action figures. You better believe that I love the fact that my young daughters are now just as into TMNT as I was (and OK still am). The second I found out there was a subscription box called TMNT Box – I knew it was something that I needed to get to share with my girls. For just $19.99 a month, you will receive a box with over $40 retail value of amazing Ninja Turtle items! I am talking toys, clothing, and yes – even POP Funko Figures!

Entertainment civil war

Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War Trailer! | #CivilWar #Marvel

Alright guys, you should know that I am a huge Marvel fan if you have read my blog at all. As an avid reader of Marvel Comics, I have been waiting for this story to hit the big screen for quite some time now. From what I have seen, I think that the story is going to be very similar to the comics and that the feud that causes the rift between Iron Man and Captain America will be very similar. If that is the case (and honestly, even if it is not) we are in for a treat. This film is going to amazing. Watch the trailer below – check out that last scene with Iron Man, Captain America, and Bucky – WOW! There is going to be a lot of incredible stuff in this film. I am anxious to see who is on who’s side and if they end it how I anticipate they might. If they take some things right out of the pages of the comics – there are going to be tears, well, at least from me. If the basics of it are the basics of this story line in the comics, I will be Team Iron Man. One thing is for sure, I cannot wait to watch this film. Fingers crossed we get a Dark Avengers story line next!


Minions Available on Digital HD TODAY + Watch the new #Minions Mini-Movie “Competition”

I took my daughters to see the Minions movie when it was in theaters and they loved it! We went with some friends and everyone loved it – even the parents! There was a wide range of ages there and everyone sat still and enjoyed the entire movie – it was quite shocking actually. We have loved the Despicable Me movies and so of course going to see the Minions in the theater was not even a question. I don’t think I have ever seen my girls laugh so hard. My mom came with us and raved about the soundtrack of the film for days – there is just not a bad thing to say about it. It is hilarious, entertaining, and so much fun for the whole family. Do yourself a favor, and watch after the credits as well. You won’t want to miss that!

Disney The Good Dinosaur Poster

The Good Dinosaur Activity Sheets & Movie Clips | #Disney #GoodDino

As most of you know, I am a huge Disney fan! Disney/Pixar never disappoints with their movies. I have been dying to see The Good Dinosaur ever since I first heard about it and I cannot wait for it to hit theaters THIS MONTH! Finally – it feels like we have been waiting forever. I love that it comes out the day before Thanksgiving (November 25th) because I will be taking the whole family for a special movie day since the girls have no school. I have posted fun activity sheets for this movie already (click here for those) – but here are some more to hold you over for the next week or so until you can see the film.

Disney finding dory

The Finding Dory Trailer is FINALLY here | #FindingDory #Disney #DisneyPixar

I don’t know about you guys, but I have been on edge waiting for a Finding Dory trailer. I got to see some footage (and meet the voices) of Finding Dory on my D23 Expo trip (read more on that here). I knew right away that this movie was going to be a hit. I mean, even take the fame and success (and following) of Finding Nemo – the cast is stellar and the story line is going to be a hit! This is a movie that my entire family has been looking forward to since before it was even announced (yes, that is possible!). We are counting the days and are so excited that it will be in theaters the month of my daughter’s 5th birthday. This is definitely where we will be having her birthday party, no question about it. She wouldn’t have it any other way.

Disney Inside Out Giveaway

Bring Home Inside Out on Blu-ray Today + a Designing #Sadness Video| #Giveaway #InsideOut #Disney

As most of you know, I got to walk the red (or should I say purple) carpet for the Inside Out premiere this past summer. It was an incredible experience and I fell in love with the movie that night. I could not wait to get home and take my family to go see it. We went to see it twice in the theater and my girls have no idea, but they will be getting a copy of it for Christmas (yes it is KILLING me to wait that long to watch it again). Because I love this movie so much (if you have not seen it yet, you are totally missing out), I have teamed up with my good friend Joyce over at Women and Their Pretties to give away TWO copies. One lucky winner will get an Inside Out Blu-ray/DVD Combo Pack and another will receive an Inside Out Digital Download.

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