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Captain Peggy Carter: Need To Know From Marvel Comics

Captain Peggy Carter has picked up the shield in the MCU via What If and there are heavy rumors that she will appear in live action as well. Here’s what you need to know.

Marvel's What If Captain Carter

There are heavy rumors that Captain Peggy Carter will be making her way from the animated What If series to the live action Marvel Cinematic Universe — and chances are that is going to be in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. This is speculated because in the teaser for this film fans got a glimpse at Strange Supreme, who debuted in What If.

While Captain Peggy Carter. complete with the Captain America shield, originated in a game versus a comic book, she has found her way into several comics recently. She first appeared in the mobile phone game Marvel Puzzle Quest in 2016, but will be getting her own comic book series in 2022. This series will likely be a big help in getting to know this version of Peggy Carter.

The fact that she is getting her own series could be because she was so popular in the What If series, however, it could also mean that she really will be hitting the live action MCU — sooner than later.

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captain carter comic book

Captain Carter is a five-issue series written by Jamie McKelvie (Young Avengers, Wicked and Divine) with art by Marika Cresta (Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, Fearless). The series will follow the Peggy Carter who ends up taking the super soldier serum instead of Steve Rogers that fans were introduced to in What If.

She becomes Captain Carter, and soon leads the allies in their fight against Hydra. The comic will see Peggy fight an old enemy as she adjusts to her new life in the present. Could this be a hint at her live action MCU future? Time will tell.

Captain Peggy Carter Comic Book Suggestions

With speculation that Captain Peggy Carter will be picking up the shield in the live action MCU after her debut in the animated What If series, here are some comic books to get to know her better.

women of marvel comic

Women Of Marvel

WHO RUN THE WORLD? YOU ALREADY KNOW. CELEBRATE THE WOMEN OF MARVEL WITH AN EXTRAVAGANZA OF EXTRAORDINARY TALENT! The future is female! Get in on the ground floor with this amazing assembly of writers and artists from all over entertainment. Comics legend Louise Simonson kicks things off with a must-read introduction! Nadia Shammas punches the glass ceiling with the Jade Giantess! Elsa Sjunneson grits her way to the front line with Captain Peggy Carter! Sophie Campbell goes feral with a bone-grinding Marrow story!

Video game-and-comics writer Anne Toole makes her Marvel debut in a blaze of glory! Natasha Alterici of Heathen fame charges sword-first into the Marvel Universe! With astonishing art from new and established artists Kei Zama (Transformers, DEATH’S HEAD), Eleonora Carlini (Power Rangers, Batgirl), Skylar Patridge (Resonant, Relics of Youth), Joanna Estep (Fantastic Four, Fraggle Rock) and more, you’re sure to come away powered up and ready to slay – in high heels and boots alike.

Purchase here.

 Agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary

Agent Carter: S.H.I.E.L.D. 50th Anniversary

Agent Carter is back in an all-new adventure that reveals her secret history with S.H.I.E.L.D.! When Dum Dum Dugan attempts to recruit her to S.H.I.E.L.D., will Peggy join up or go her own way? Operation S.I.N.’s crackerjack team of Kathryn Immonen and Rich Ellis return to the world of Peggy Carter!

Purchase here.

exiles comic book


The fan-favorite Captain America – Peggy Carter of the Marvel Puzzle Quest game – faces off against an apocalyptically armed Red Skull! And the Exiles are just in time to join the fight – ‘cuz they’ve been kicked off their mission! There’s a new team of Watchers in town, and they’re cracking down on the Exiles’ interference in the timestream – even if it means the death of everything. Can the Exiles salvage Peggy Carter’s world, fix the Tallus and get back to saving reality before the Time-Eater tracks them down again?

Purchase here.