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Uncle Peckerhead Review: A Whole Lot Of Gore Filled Fun

Uncle Peckerhead surprised me with just how fun it is. It is filled with gore, and a bit predictable, but still worth a watch for fans of B horror films!

uncle peckerhead poster

Uncle Peckerhead kicks right off with a whole bunch of gore and blood, which I am totally here for. If you know me, you know that I kind of love that in a horror movie. But this movie isn’t all blood, guts, and gore — it is actually quite hilarious with a really good plot as well. As soon as I read the description I knew Uncle Peckerhead was going to be a fun film, but I had no clue just how much I was going to enjoy it.

Uncle Peckerhead is essential a movie about a monster and his rock band friends. The group “DUH” literally quits their day jobs to head out on the road and try to make it big. While promoting their show, they come across a man that call himself Peckerhead. He has a van and they don’t so they team up with him out of necessity. 

uncle peckerhead review

What happens next is totally insane, but also pretty amazing at the same time. Apparently this guy turns into a monster at midnight. For only 13 minutes. When he does this, he kills and eats people. But since the band members of “DUH” are his friends, he is able to control himself around them. As in he won’t eat them, but he will still eat in front of them. He swears he can sedate himself at night and not kill, but it quickly becomes obvious that while this may be true, he still likes to go out an kill.

The band pays no mind to it since he is killing people that do them wrong, or annoy them. Will this eventually cross a line with them? Well, I don’t want to give you any spoilers. You will just have to watch the movie yourself. Buckle up, because it is one wild ride!

uncle peckerhead review

Overall Thoughts

Uncle Peckerhead might sound like a silly horror movie — and it totally is — but it is still one hundred percent worth a watch. There were a handful of jokes that fell flat or scenes that felt lame to me, but it did not ruin the overall experience.

This movie is hilarious, bloody, and just a whole lot of fun. I don’t know how else to describe it. Plus, there is some great rock music in here too. Is it going to be your favorite movie? Probably not. Is it perfect? Definitely not. But it is something that will help you escape the world right now, laugh, and possibly cover your eyes or gag a few times. 

Oh, and that ending? I saw it coming but it still did not disappoint!

uncle peckerhead review

About Uncle Peckerhead

Judy the bassist of punk-rock band ‘DUH’ dreams of traveling the world and becoming a full-time musician with her two friends guitarist Max and drummer Mel. But when DUH’s van is repossessed hours before they’re set to embark on their first tour desperation sets in and Judy strikes an uneasy alliance with a redneck old-timer by the name of Peckerhead or ‘Peck’ who offers to drive them in his van in exchange for food and gas.

One night after their first show Peck mysteriously goes missing. Desperate to get back on the road to make their next show Judy volunteers to look for him. Regrettably she finds Peck devouring the brains of the promoter who ripped them off earlier. The band quickly comes to realize their new roadie is a cursed man-eating hillbilly and the “gig life” they’ve always dreamed of is paved with nightmares and half-eaten bodies.

Uncle Peckerhead comes to limited theaters August 7th, and VOD/Digitial August 11th!