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Doom Patrol Season Two Episode Nine: Wax Patrol Recap & Review

Doom Patrol season two episode nine is the season finale and it was all that I had hoped it would be and more! Now bring on season three!

doom patrol season two

DC’s Doom Patrol season two episode eight dropped some serious bombs on us. Miranda is up to no good, just as Jane thought, Cyborg and his girlfriend Roni just literally battled it out, Cliff’s daughter is getting married and wants him to go, and Dorothy is about to unleash the Candlemaker on the whole planet. Talk about the set up for an epic finale!

I was sucked in by Doom Patrol from the very beginning. It is such a weird and off the wall show that I was not expecting, and that is right up my alley. This season two finale feels like something I have been waiting years for. As each episode drew me closer, I was making more and more predictions.

As most people know this was not exactly the ending DC was hoping for. When the world went crazy, an entire episode had to be cut from Doom Patrol season two when filming was halted. But did it seem like it was not supposed to be the ending? Not at all. Doom Patrol season two episode nine feels very much like the end of the season, while still keeping fans wanting more!

doom patrol season two episode nine

Warning: Spoilers for Doom Patrol Season Two Episode Nine.

The finale opens up with Jane floating around in the well and having a flashback to 1969 when she was Miranda. There is a boy that she met outside a diner. He asks her on a date and she accepts. Of course my mind immediately went to wondering what happened between the two of them. Especially since this seems to be the first time we have heard of him.

Cut to Cliff and he has laid out all of his t-shirts, trying to decide which one he is going to wear to his daughter’s wedding. Larry makes a joke about this and really, that is a weird thing to wear to a wedding but I suppose it is all Cliff has. Miranda, who is currently in control of Jane’s body, tells Cliff they are some solid choices. Clearly trying to make friends with him.

Cliff, just as blunt as ever (which is what I love about him), asks where Jane is. Miranda explains that she is resting, but we all know that isn’t exactly the case. Cliff decides that he likes Miranda, which I was upset about to be honest. I was really hoping he would be the one to figure it all out. 

Poor Cyborg is moping in bed and listening to sad songs on repeat. He is heartbroken and also upset at himself for not stopping Roni. Rita visits him to try to cheer him up but ends up getting herself depressed in the process because she also had a chance to stop Roni and doesn’t. 

doom patrol season two episode nine

Dorothy Needs Help

Dorothy’s spider appears in the house and quite frankly, it startled me just like it did everyone else. He is there to warn them that the Candlemaker is coming and Dorothy no longer has the power to stop him. Remember when I said Cliff jinxed himself when he said nothing would stop him from going to his daughter’s wedding. Yeah. Called it. I guess at least he gets to call her and apologize for breaking a promise this time.

Jane (Miranda) collapses. Seems like the rest of the personalities are a little suspicious of Miranda. They are wondering where Jane and the other missing personalities are. They also are wondering why she went to the fairground, which they are not OK with. 

Another flashback with Jane helps us realize what happened to Miranda. That guy she fell in love with? She moved in with him and then he threw a swinger party at their new place. She was not into it all, but he told her they were going to break up if she didn’t go along with it. She does but it is very obvious that her personalities keep changing during the encounter. That is probably how she created more and more of them.

Kay gets very angry with Miranda when this happens, and she shuts her out. That is when Miranda lost control of being primary and Jane took over. That is when I realized how good Jane really was as primary.

doom patrol season two episode nine

Imaginary Friends

When the gang shows up, they find an abandoned fair and Willoughby Kipling. He tries to explain what is happening — the Candlemaker has taken over her brain and is making imaginary friends do his bidding. Cyborg realizes this probably means the spider was under his control when he told them what was happening. Then a Punch and Judy puppet shows up and punches Kipling. I recently watched that movie so I kind of loved that part. It made me laugh for sure.

Larry admits he never had an imaginary friend and I cannot help but think this is going to prove useful at some point during this episode. I have to admit, the Doom Patrol’s imaginary friends showing up all over the fairgrounds is pretty hilarious to watch.

Rita’s is a flat paper lady named Roxi. She is clearly made out of clippings from a magazine. How does she distract her? She makes her dance. Cyborg’s? Doctor Cowboy. He is a really funny character and when Cyborg shoots him and he comes right back. Cliff’s shows up and is Jesus and that is about when I lost it. I just could not stop laughing.

Since all of the imaginary friends are keeping the gang busy, I knew that I was right about Larry. He was gong to have to save the day. Then Larry came across Kipling covered in some white wax. He slipped in it and became frozen in it himself. So much for that idea. Probably.

The Candlemaker tells Dorothy he is torturing her friends and that it is all on her. Poor Dorothy. She never would have meant for this to happen. The Doom Patrol actually ends up talking about their issues with their imaginary friends, who end up helping them work through their problems. Which really was not at all what I saw coming. And of course, right then is when The Candlemaker decides to take over their imaginary friends and trap them all in wax, just like Kipling and Larry.

doom patrol season two episode nine

A Crazy Ending

We finally see Niles in this episode and he has a syringe with something that I can only imagine will sedate Dorothy, and The Candlemaker as well. He calls Dorothy to him but tells her to close her eyes so she doesn’t see her friends in wax.

Of course she doesn’t listen and ends up freaking out a bit. As she gets closer to her father, the woman from the previous episode shows up with the boots. She stands between them unsure of what she wants to do. Turns out that lady is her mother. Who is asking her if she is a girl, or a woman.

Niles tells her that she is not a woman, she is a little girl, and that she will never be able to defeat the Candlemaker. The lack of confidence he has in her is infuriating. But she has confidence in herself and puts on the boots. She makes herself a weapon and conjures up the flames where The Candlemaker lives.

Meanwhile, Jane is struggling to get out of the well so that she can become primary once again. Kay confronts Miranda in the construct and tells her that she realizes she is not actually Miranda. She admits that she is not Miranda, but the episode ends before she reveals her name.

Thanks to the crazy world, we have to wait who knows how long to find out and get season three. Like I said above there was supposed to be another episode of this season. I am sure things would have been wrapped up better but I am kind of all about this cliffhanger.

Doom Patrol Season Two Episode Nine: Wax Patrol

Before they can save the world from The Candlemaker, the Doom Patrol must first confront their childhood imaginary friends. Meanwhile, Jane reflects on the first time that Miranda became primary, and Dorothy must make a fateful choice.

About Doom Patrol

A re-imagining of one of DC’s most beloved group of outcast Super Heroes: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane, led by modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder (The Chief). The Doom Patrol’s members each suffered horrible accidents that gave them superhuman abilities–but also left them scarred and disfigured.

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Thursday 6th of August 2020

You are much more optimistic about that syringe than I. Dr. Niles is not a good or decent guy. He ejected Cliff into space. That's sick. He destroyed the man's life and just as easily disposes of him... because he's inconvenient? We don't know. When Kipling confronts Niles Niles about his daughter, Kipling is insistent that they do whatever it is that he finally called Kipling to do. Something they had agreed upon who knows when. Kipling asks "what's the difference between now and later?" Niles replies "the difference is that I'll be able to say goodbye to my daughter!" I think the syringe is poison, or something that will kill Dorothy. He wants to give her one last day of fun before he puts her down like an animal. He has no faith in her. He insists on keeping her as his little girl. How many hundreds of years has been alive? Imprisoned by Danny. Many dads want to keep their little girls little forever, but the mother knows she has to become a woman, like her. It is her destiny. I wondered if the syringe might not be something to stop her from maturing, but then why wait to give it to her? They might have been giving her something like that all along to keep her a child, but perhaps that wasn't an option anymore. At any rate, the one thing we can be sure of is that Niles is a selfish malignant narcissist who will do anything to anyone to get what he wants. If anyone is going to help Dorothy on her journey to womanhood, it's going to be Jane.