Marvel BattleWorld Game Review: Marvel Fans Will Love This Game!


Marvel Battleworld is a game that every Marvel fan is sure to love! Battle against Thanos as your favorite superheros and collect Funko figures at the same time! Thank you so much Funko for sending us a copy to check out — all opinions expressed are 100% my own.

marvel battleworld

Something I am positive you already know about me is that I am a massive Marvel fan. I am also a huge collector of almost anything geeky, especially Funko figures. Marvel Battleworld combines both of those things into a really fun game — so you know I was hyped to check it out! 

I have raised my daughters to be just like me so as soon as it arrived, we tore it open and sat down to play. Now, something else you probably know about me is that my family has a game night every week. Because we play so often we are always looking for new games to add to our game cabinet. Variety is the spice of life they say and eventually playing the same few games can get boring.

marvel battleworld review

Easy Gameplay

Marvel Battleworld is a really easy game to figure out, which is always a plus when you want to jump right into playing. The game comes with six superhero figures, but there are expansion packs where you can buy more. 

To start you put out a battle card for every superhero you have on your team. While it isn’t exactly the real way to play, we always start with each of us having one superhero. Put your superhero figure on whatever battle you want, and roll the dice to see if you hit or miss. Each hero has a special ability that is listed on their card. They also have strengths with some of the symbols — for example, Iron Man has a +5 for brains, which makes all the sense if you ask me.

marvel battleworld review

Your hero hits if you roll a number equal to or higher on the battle card. The blue spaces on the bottom of the battle card are hits. Once you hit that number of times, you win the battle. If you miss three times, you lose the battle. The orange spaces on the top of the battle cards help you keep track of how many misses you have. 

When the battle is over, you turn the card over. If you win a battle in a Thanosphere you can rescue another superhero by either picking one at random or cracking open a mystery egg. This superhero now joins the battle, giving you more turns.

Each round, add a battle card for each hero in play. Once you win nine battles you win the game! I hope that wasn’t too confusing but if it was, you can always watch this How To Play Marvel Battleworld video.

marvel battleworld review

Why We Love This Game

There are so many things that I love about Marvel Battleworld but one of my favorites is that this can be played as a family or individually. I enjoy playing by myself, which is a bit more challenging. The game is quick enough that is makes for a good way to take a break from work for thirty minutes and get some fun in.

My daughters, who are 7 and 9, love this game. They have their preferred superheroes to play and it is so cute to watch them master them. My youngest loves Spider Ham and my oldest prefers Captain Marvel. Personally, I enjoy playing Iron Man or Loki! 

Of course the collector in me loves having all of these character figures on display while we are not playing! One of my favorite parts of the game is when I get to crack open a mystery egg and reveal a new hero. We have now opened all of ours and I can’t wait to pick up some more so that we can get back to the mystery aspect of the game. Although I will say, it is not necessary to enjoy it — grabbing a hero at random is still fun!

marvel battleworld review

About Marvel Battleworld

Pick your favorite Hero, rescue your friends, and win battles to defeat Thanos! Battleworld is a revolutionary cooperative, expandable, collectible adventure game featuring dozens of characters from all over the Marvel Universe! Players get to crack open the mysterious Thanostones during the course of play to reveal the mystery character inside for a constant sense of surprise and delight!

marvel battleworld

Interesting Gameplay Features

  • Unique team-based or solo gameplay allows kids to jump into Battleworld right away!
  • Collectible characters come with game cards to promote immersive, cooperative play and repeat purchases. Collect all the unique powers and abilities!
  • Free the mystery character from the “Thanostone” for a surprise-and-delight unboxing experience.
  • Launch series includes 30+ unique characters including rare variants with better stats for higher collectability.
  • Multi-channel animated content encourages kids to seek out additional characters and want to play together.
  • More playability, more engagement, more purchases.

Pick up Marvel Battleworld today!

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