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Doom Patrol Season Two Episode Eight: Dad Patrol Recap & Review

Doom Patrol season two episode eight shows a lot of father/daughter relationships — some good, some not so good. It also sets up an epic season two finale!

doom patrol season two

Doom Patrol is one of my favorite DC shows right now. It is super strange and weird and off the wall, which is why I cannot get enough! Season two episode seven had some interesting reveals and had me eager for episode eight. This one is titled Dad Patrol and it makes a lot of sense because they dive into a lot of father/daughter and even father/son moments. 

I am sure you can guess who they will focus on — Niles/Dorothy and Cliff/Clara. We do also get some sweet Larry and Paul stuff too. Honestly, it is all really great stuff. This episode is setting us up for the finale next week, and I am over the moon for what is sure to be an epic finale!

Warning: Spoilers for Doom Patrol season two episode eight.

This episode opens with a little girl being told she was bad, and then she is forced to get into a well bucket by her father. I immediately pegged this as Jane. Who can blame her for going crazy with the way her father treated her? Absolutely disgusting. The fact that it was a well she was forced into, shows why the well is such an important place in the Underground. 

My heart broke for the little girl when she dropped her stuffed in animal in the well and he disappeared. My daughter has a stuffy that she carries everywhere and it broke my heart, thinking of her. Viewers then see Jane talking to the rest of the personalities about how some are disappearing, and she blames Miranda. Jane decides to get that stuffed animal back, Henry. 

cliff clara doom patrol

Cliff and Clara

Since the last episode of Doom Patrol ended with Clara showing up to talk to Cliff, her dad, they are getting a chance at fixing their relationship. Or really starting one up again. Cliff shows her around the house and they laugh together about how crazy things are there. Totally unbelievable. Kind of like how Cyborg and Roni laughed about it before.

Cliff makes pancakes for Clara while they catch up on life. Clara is pregnant, and getting married to her partner Mel, soon. She is really nervous because she doesn’t want to mess up a marriage. She thinks that the Steele’s are just not cut out to be marriage material. 

While trying to put her mind at ease, Cliff starts freaking out when he realizes he accidentally cooked that finger he was holding on to, thinking it was a sausage. Of course he hides this, and lets Clara know he thinks she will be the one to break the bad marriage cycle in their family. She then lets out the news that she is pregnant with a boy and he FREAKS out. And it was so fun to watch a giant Robotman jump around with excitement.

Clara ends up inviting Cliff to her wedding, and he says that nothing can keep him away. I really hope this is not foreshadowing and he does actually make it there. What a great part of the finale that would be. If it does happen, I will probably cry.

dorothy niles doom patrol

Niles and Dorothy

Niles is taking Dorothy out for a special day. Probably because he feels bad about whatever he is working with Willoughby Kipling on. Seems to me like possibly killing or binding her. Speaking of Kipling, we see him in full cult garb and doing some kind of sacrifice at the beginning of this episode.

He then calls Niles to talk about just that. The basis of the conversation is that Dorothy is maturing and that makes Candlemaker more powerful. He wants to move up the timeline and Niles flat out refuses. He wants to have time to “say goodbye” to his daughter.

Then we realize yes, she has matured. As if on cue she gets her period while shopping inside the gas station for snacks. A nice lady helps her out though, and explains everything to her. Honestly, that was a super sweet moment. This lady tells her not to mention it to her father. Of course she doesn’t know the whole story. If her dad did hear, he might move the timeline up!

Niles tells Dorothy that they will do whatever they want for the day, and Dorothy says she wants to go to the fair. She has a lot of fun playing the racing game and ends up winning! She gets so excited and picks out a big blue bear for Jane (to make up for killing her personalities and all). Dorothy ends up having a vision of a Native American woman trying to hand her boots. She says it is now time. This all must have to do with her maturing and it had my mind racing on just what was going to happen.

Niles then tells Dorothy to go along without him to the fun house. He stays behind and coughs up blood. He is clearly getting a lot sicker. Dorothy goes inside and has another encounter with the woman. She ends up wearing the boots and a fur cape. She is told she is ready and out of the fire steps the Candlemaker. He tells her that it is time. When she says she will never let him out, he says she no longer has a choice.

Niles asks Dorothy to go on one more ride with him, even though he is clearly not feeling well. They go on the Ferris Wheel and Dorothy finally starts to come clean to Niles. She asks him what will happen if she grows up and is no longer what he wants her to be. He tells her she will always be her little girl, and then she stops coming clean.

As Dorothy heads for the exit, Kipling shows up. Niles screams that it can’t be time and Kipling states they have been over it, and they have no other choice at this point. They get into it and then a clown figure starts dripping blood (ew) and this signifies that Dorothy has grown up. Kipling states that this means they missed their chance. The beast is coming whether they like it or not. There is nothing they can do now. Cut to Dorothy who just got two giant lollipops for her and her father and they are melting. She hears the Candlemaker in her ear and he tells her it is too late. All the fairgoers start screaming and running… fade to black.

larry jane doom patrol

Larry and Paul

We get a sweet moment of Larry and his son Paul from a week before his accident. They are playing around and pretending to be going to space, just the two of them. Larry is actually listening to an old recording that they did and remembering the moment. Viewers get a rare glimpse at Larry without his bandages in this scene as well.

He is talking to his Negative Force, who is the one showing him the recording. He is confused, not knowing what to do. I mean, he has tried reaching out to his family several times and they don’t want anything to do with him. That is when Jane comes to him for help and support in getting that stuffed animal back.

Jane tells Larry that the reason she wants to do this is to prove her worth. She doesn’t want to fade away and she thinks the girl is cleaning house. They get to the well and it starts raining, giving off a super creepy vibe. Jane touches the well and flashes back to another time her father put her down in the well. This time she is a young teenager, and clearly still terrified of him. 

Jane decides to climb down into the well to find Henry the stuffed animal. She has Larry hold a rope so that she can lower herself down. He offers to go for her, but she wants to prove herself to the girl (Kay). Jame digs around in the mud but doesn’t find anything. At first. Eventually she discovers a loose rock and behind it, is Henry.

Along with the stuffed animal is a letter. The letter is to her father, written by Miranda, explaining that she is running away. Saying that she will always protect Kay. And that she doesn’t need anyone anymore besides the Underground personalities. Miranda is the one that saved them, and got them out of the situation. Jane apologizes to Miranda and says that she will fall in line, that she will listen to Miranda now. 

But then what happens? Miranda throws Henry back into the well — and PUSHES JANE IN! I did not see that coming. Jane opens her eyes and sees Baby Doll, Flaming Katie, and even the personalities that disappeared – Lucy and Scarlet. Clearly something is up with Miranda and she is not good. I am looking forward to what is going to happen there.

Rita The Beekeeper

There isn’t a whole ton of Rita in this episode, but she is pretty amazing when she is in it. She has embraced her new superhero identity as The Beekeeper. The short that we see of her and Cyborg had me cracking up. I love it.

Unfortunately she ends up getting cold feet. Cyborg and Roni get into it when he confronts her about killing a man in cold blood. She says to let her go, but he tries to stop her. He has his arm cannon locked and loaded but cannot shoot (because he loves her and all). She opens the door to Rita in her The Beekeeper outfit, but she freezes as well. 

Overall Thoughts

This episode of Doom Patrol was one of my favorites yet. I love when the team splits up to do different things and we got a lot of that in this one. We also got a lot of story and character advancement, which I am here for. Knowing there is only one episode of Doom Patrol season two left has me on the edge of my seat! What will happen next?!

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Doom Patrol Season Two Episode Eight: Dad Patrol

Determined to prove her worth in The Underground, Jane brings Larry to rural Arkansas to help her retrieve an invaluable item. Niles organizes a special day for Dorothy, who hides a personal development from her declining father. Cliff gives father-daughter bonding with Clara his best shot, while Rita embraces her superhero status as “The Beekeeper” and Vic is forced to confront the real Roni.

About Doom Patrol

A re-imagining of one of DC’s most beloved group of outcast Super Heroes: Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl and Crazy Jane, led by modern-day mad scientist Dr. Niles Caulder (The Chief). The Doom Patrol’s members each suffered horrible accidents that gave them superhuman abilities–but also left them scarred and disfigured.

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