Rockaway Is An Emotional, Coming Of Age, Survivor’s Film


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I love movies that teach a lesson. Movies that have meaning. And movies that make me feel something. That is exactly what Rockaway does. This movie may not be executed perfectly, but few indie films are. However, I walked away glad that I watched it, and that says something. The fact that it is based on a true story breaks my heart, because I don’t like to see anyone abused.

A Coming Of Age Movie

Rockaway is very much a coming of age film. In this movie we see two young brothers struggle to get through life. Along the way, they find their tribe. They find a group of friends who help them continue on in life, despite the fact that they have an abusive father.

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A Lesson For All Survivors

The lesson that can be taken away from Rockaway is that survivors should hang in there. It will get better. Stay strong, and you will not regret it. I don’t know any survivors personally, but I do know that they are out there. There are way too many of them. And I hope they all see this movie. I hope the kids those that are still dealing with the trauma of their past see this movie. 

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Overall Thoughts

I am not exaggerating when I that Rockaway touched me emotionally. This movie has a story that is full of heart. You will feel for John and Anthony (and if you don’t — who are you?). Rockaway is a little bit of a sports movie, a lot of a friends movie, and overall a survivor movie. 

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About Rockaway

Rockaway is a coming of age drama following two brothers, John and Anthony, who have high hopes of a Knicks Championship and a new, easier life, John relies on his older brother and his imagination for protection from their abusive father. They’ve always just had each other and their secrets, until they meet a group of boys who show them the love and companionship only achieved through the laughs, sweat and tears of sport and boyhood mischief.

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