The Joker Teaser Trailer is HERE and it is EVERYTHING!


The Joker Teaser Trailer

If you were to ask me my favorite DC Comics villain, it would be Joker, hands down. If you were to ask me my favorite villain of all time, I still might go with Joker. I have always loved something about him. His crazy laugh is infectious. And his hatred for the bat – perfection. Of course, Harley Quinn is pretty amazing too. I don’t think an actor will ever beat Heath Ledger’s portrayal of Joker, but it looks like Joaquin Pheonix just might come close to it. The Joker teaser trailer dropped today, and I am HERE for this movie.

My Reaction

Now, I admit when I first saw the makeup for this film, I was not impressed. It seemed off to me. But seeing it in this trailer, yea, I can get behind it. This movie looks dark, just like it should be. It seems like a true origin story, and I cannot wait for it. That man is way more talented than I ever imagined. I mean, I like the guy, but I am not a giant fan. And I was not thrilled when it was announced he was going to be playing one of my favorite villains of all time.

jaoquin joker

That Laugh Though!

I mean, did you guys hear that laugh. It was damn near perfection. I loved it. It was totally infectious – did you catch me laughing along with him? If anything was going to put me over the edge for this movie, it was going to be his laugh. And it did.

I can officially say that I am one hundred and ten percent behind this movie. I think the casting was perfect, and I cannot wait to see more. October my butt will be in the theater checking this out!

Joker – Teaser Trailer – In Theaters October 4!


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