Create A Memorable Gift For Any Pet Lover with A Custom Plush from Petsies


Thank you to Petsies for collaborating with me on this post. All opinions expressed are 100% my own.

Create A Memorable Gift For Any Pet Lover with A Custom Plush from Petsies

Choosing the perfect gift can be really hard. I am not the best shopper at all, but I love to give meaningful presents. One of my really good friends is getting married this year and he loves his dog. So I decided to have a custom plush made of his dog, Sprocket, from Petsies. It was way easier than I ever could have imagined and looks exactly like his furry friend. Just check out the video of me surprising him and you will see how he recognized his doggy right away.

Easy To Create

The Petsies process is so much easier than I could have ever imagined. The first step is to take a photo of your pet or select one that you already have. The second step is to upload a pic or two via the Petsies website, from your phone or computer. It is a good idea to snap a couple of different angles, to make sure the designers capture your pet perfectly.

Petsies custom plush makes a unique gift

After you upload the photo, Petsies asks you to answer a few questions about the look of your pet, as well as your preference for your plush. You can choose to have your pet sitting down or standing, and can even specify if you want their mouth open, closed, or tongue hanging out. Confirm your pet’s eye color and fur color also.

Petsies custom plush

Incredible Resemblance

Petsies custom pet plushes will blow your mind with how much they resemble the pet they are designed after. They are handmade and the attention to detail is amazing. The fur is airbrushed to match the pet’s unique markings, based completely on photos provided. Don’t worry if you aren’t happy with the results (you will be), because every custom animal is backed by Petsies’ 100% guarantee.

Petsises makes a fun and unique gift

Petsies doesn’t only create custom dog plushes – oh no – they will create any animal you can think of. Cats, horses, birds, rats…the possibilities are endless. If you have a friend or family member that loves their pet, Petsies is the perfect unique gift that they are sure to treasure forever! This is also a great way to immortalize a pet that has passed on.

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