Can Captain Marvel Beat Thanos: What Do The Fans Think?


Can Captain Marvel Beat Thanos

Now that Captain Marvel has been out in theaters for a few weeks, the question on everyone’s mind is can Carol Danvers beat Thanos? Fans of the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe are at odds about this. Technically the writers and directors of the films can do whatever they want, regardless of what we have seen in the comics or what our opinions are. But I wanted to know what the fans thought, and I found some pretty hardcore ones to weigh in.

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From The Fans

In the comics it was often captain marvel or Adam warlock who’d thwart thanos’ plots to win death over.” – Gilad

Not by herself alone. Scarlet witch was able to push Thanos away and destroy the mind stone herself. Something similar to this could happen. Captain Marvel can go toe to toe with the mad titan but I think her main role in the movie, is to destroy the infinity stones.” – Raymond Estropia

No. Neither on comics nor in movie. Simply because of the Infinity gauntlet. Thanos is a very blessed person with insane smartness. He is cocky and very well organized his plan worked so well despite some game changing difficulties (imagine Star-Lord didn’t mess around, there would have been no End Game) to my view. He is the Batman-like villain. And now Captain Marvel has been observed to be mostly about strength. She, to me, is the Superman-like hero. Knowing fair well that well-used intelligence, strategy, and smartness (+plus strength) > strength. It is analytically safe to say Thanos will knock her off. Include the 6 stones abilities, then you get a 1 vs. 1 fight between a strong person and a god. Any match? I doubt so.” – Yvan Brunel @Brusher8

I highly doubt it just looking at plain power scaling. At most we’ve seen Carol blow up some warships. But we saw Thanos throw a moon at Iron Man out of spite. I see it as Captain Marvel is essentially the only one who can hold him off whilst the others do what is needed. Possibly with the help of Thor and his new weapon Stormbreaker and Hulk. But I think that Endgame will be more sophisticated with how Thanos will lose rather than the ultimate decider being a fist fight.” – Marcus Goodspeed

Will Captain Marvel alone beat Thanos ? Maybe. Will Captain marvel and Thor beat Thanos? Definitely. But will Captain Marvel and the whole team beat Thanos ? An absolute yes. Although Captain Marvel was portrayed to be a powerful being with the likes of defeating the Almighty Gauntlet Holder (Thanos), I think it’s gonna take team work and each character to play their part in order to defeat Thanos. Plus rumors have been spreading that there is another villain entering the Avengers Endgame movie, the team, including Captain Marvel has to cooperate on this one. So it’s a maybe that she would be able to do it alone.” – Simon Semenya II

If Captain Marvel absorbed the power of the tesseract, and channels that, and Thanos has a stone powered Infinity Gauntlet, one would think he would be able to absorb any blast she would fire at him since the power stone is a part of the gauntlet. And since this is an Avengers movie, it will take all our heroes, in some way or another to defeat Thanos.” – Rhys Alberty

If Thanos would have half of the power, maybe she would have a chance. I doubt it would be just her against him. Will be a team effort probably the atomic world will be involved.” – Tedy Brasoveanu

I want it to be a team finisher.that way we can’t fight over our favorites.” – MK

Objectively speaking no. Thanos is a team buster even without the gauntlet, beating Hulk singlehandedly and he’s the (physically) strongest avenger. Thanos is definitely physically stronger and more intelligent than Captain Marvel.” – Caleb

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What Do I Think?

Well, if we look to the Captain Marvel comics, it is still hard to say. Is Carol crazy powerful – yes. Has Captain Marvel kicked Thanos’ butt before? Well, yes, Mar-Vell has many times. I hope to see Carol be a major part of the fight, but I don’t think she can do it alone. And if even if she could, I wouldn’t want her to. One of my favorite things about a lot of the movies in the MCU is the team-ups. Our favorite heroes work together to take down the bad guys.

I guess we will see in Avengers: Endgame. Although I am willing to bet a bigger and badder villain is on the horizon for our heroes. Only time will tell!

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26th!


  1. To be honest she needs to get beat up by thanos. She has a similar plot arc to Goku, knowing nothing about her heritage, and then finding out the true strength of her power. But Goku got his ass handed to him, and realized there’s more to protecting earth then just punching and lasering through everything. She may be able to beat thanos (you can stop saying it feige…) But thanos is a warlord. A strategist. Carol needs some serious development. And I think having to question herself, and realise she still has a lot to learn could help that along. Im not sure whether I can trust Kevin anymore (and we won’t get into that) but if there’s anyone I trust it’s the Russo’s. And for captain marvel two let’s get JOSS WHEDON on board! (Screw the haters, I thought black widows character arc was amazing in age of ultron!)

  2. Chuck "The Celestial" on

    Good morning. No. She cannot. Well…not that she can’t, but I believe she will definitely hurt him. I think the ultimate kill moment will go to Nebula. Nebula deserves her revenge.

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