Captain Marvel Spoiler Review: What They Changed From The Comics (& Why It Worked)


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Captain Marvel Spoiler Review

I took my daughters to see Captain Marvel on opening night and the whole family loved it. I already wrote a spoiler free review, but now that the movie has been out a few days I am ready to get in to the spoilers with you.

If you have not seen this movie or want to avoid Captain Marvel spoilers, bookmark this post for a later time. As a comic book reader I can tell you a lot of things were changed, but they all made sense to me in the end.

Get To Know Captain Marvel in the Comics


kree supreme intelligence

Kree Supreme Intelligence

The very first variation from the comic books that I noticed was the Kree Supreme Intelligence was not a floating head. Yeah, in the comic books it is a giant floating head and it is awesome. I was really bummed about this, I am not going to lie.

The Kree saying you see who is most important to you made no sense to me. But then as the movie went on, I get why they did it. It was the perfect way to set up Lawson/Mar-Vell. I get it. I do. But I still want to see the Supreme Intelligence in it’s true form at some point in the MCU. Please.

generations captain marvel and captain mar-vell

Mar-Vell is a Male

This brings me to my next point. When they first called Annette Bening’s character Mar-Vell, I was ticked. I was so angry. This was not right. Carol takes the name Captain Marvel after her mentor, Mar-Vell, dies. I can’t say for sure why this made me so angry. Perhaps because I was dead set on the fact that Jude Law was really playing Mar-Vell, and he wasn’t. But again, I see why they did what they did.

goose the cat flerken

Goose The Cat

There are a few things different about adorable little Goose. First of all, her name is Chewie in the comics. I understand that they didn’t want any confusion with Chewbacca but it is really hard for me to call that Flerken Goose.

However, I was THRILLED with how well they embraced the Flerken aspect of Goose. So spoiler, Goose is not exactly a cat. She is an alien species called a Flerken.

A really dangerous alien species. In the comic books it is Rocket Raccoon who lets Carol know, but I loved how Talos and the Skrulls were always on edge around Goose.

Life of Captain Marvel Carol's Mom

How Carol Got Her Powers

In the comic books Carol Danvers gets her powers when she is in an accident with a Kree device. This is pretty similarly done in the film, except it is the tesseract, not exactly a Kree device. However it was an engine that Mar-Vell was working on, so I see the connection.

Carol absorbed the core powers and ended up with amnesia. When we see this flashback is when we realize that Yon-Rogg (Jude Law) and the Kree are actually the villains in this movie. Which was a complete twist to me that I did not see coming.

Yon-Rogg gave Carol a blood transfusion, making his blood run through her veins. He made her think she was always Kree, and she forgot her memories from Earth.

More recently in the comics we discovered that Carol did not actually get her powers through the explosion, that was just how they were activated. Her mother was actually Kree, making her half human/half Kree. I really wanted them to go this route but it doesn’t seem we will get that story line at all.

Avengers Initiative

One of my favorite moments in Captain Marvel is toward the end when Nick Fury is putting together the Protector Initiative. After Carol leaves Earth to help the Skrulls find a new home (because the Kree destroyed theirs), he realizes that SHIELD needs more heroes.

Fury looks at a photo of Carol from her Air Force days and sees that her name on the plane was written as Carol “Avengers” Danvers. He then renames the initiative the Avenger Initiative and yea, it made me cry.


End Credit Scenes

The mid-credit scene is the one that ties in to Avengers: Endgame. And boy did it get me hyped. We see bearded Captain America, Black Widow, Bruce Banner, and Rhodey trying to make sense of what happened in Avengers: Infinity War. The pager that Fury used to page Captain Marvel is hooked up to lots of batteries and devices, but has stopped transmitting.

The team is discussing why it would stop working, and how event though they are unsure what it is doing, they need to reboot it because Fury did and they trust him. They turn around and there is Carol Danvers. She says one line “Where’s Fury?” and it gave me chills. So excited to see her in Endgame!

The final scene, after the credits, features none other than Goose the Cat, or should I say Goose the Flerken. Earlier in the movie she swallowed the Tesseract to keep it away from the Kree. Well, she spits it up, hair ball style, right on Fury’s desk. Classic.

Did you see Captain Marvel in the second Avengers: Endgame trailer? AMAZING!

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