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I just saw Deadpool 2 last night and, well, this Marvel fan was disappointed. Yes, there was some humor, yes, there were amazing cameos, but no, this movie was not good. Unpopular opinion perhaps but I could barely make it through this movie. In fact, I fell asleep twice. TWICE! During fight scenes! I will keep the first half of this review spoiler free, and then move on to spoilery stuff for those of you that have seen the movie, or just want to know what you are getting yourself into.

The opening scene was good. I found myself laughing and smiling and really enjoying myself. Then it was like I hit a brick wall. All of a sudden the plot slowed down and got weird. There ended up being three or four plots going on and they just didn’t mesh well together. Take one or two of them out, and this movie could have been good (well, better). The humor in the first movie was fantastic and on point, but they held on to too much of it in Deadpool 2. Adult humor became potty humor – unfunny potty humor. There were certain parts that dragged on way too long and it felt like we were going nowhere.

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As a viewer, I started to really not care about what was going to happen. I let myself fall asleep – heck, I welcomed a break from what I was seeing. Yes, there were moments I laughed out loud, but not nearly as many as there should have been. I found myself rolling my eyes and groaning at parts because they were just, well, they were dumb. There was so much potential – amazing characters and story lines to draw from, and we got crap. I am a huge Deadpool comic book fan and this nearly ruined the character for me. I won’t be watching it again.


So, up until this point I have been generic in my review, but from now on I need to get out the specifics of what annoyed me. And what made this movie so darn awful. Warning, ahead are spoilers. Nothing that will TOTALLY ruin the plot of the film, but it will give away a few things. Tread carefully. Maybe bookmark this review to read after you have seen the film.


Cable’s Arm

I need to talk about how annoying that sound was. For one, Cable suffers from the techno virus so that is why his arm is like that. But, it shouldn’t sound like a mechanical arm. It just shouldn’t. And also, it was really annoying to hear that zipping every single time he moved his arm. It was starting to really get on my nerves. That said, I did enjoy Josh Brolin as Cable (although I preferred him as Thanos).


I was so flipping excited to see Juggernaut. When we first saw Black Tom Cassidy enter, I figured Juggernaut was not far behind him. I thought, here is the saving grace of this movie (which was really starting to slow down by the prison part). And then, when we finally see him, he was just….. not good. I don’t really know another way to put it. He was bad. The way they defeated him was awful (from what my husband explained to me because I literally could not keep my eyes open).


Domino was the best part of this movie. So I am really glad she was brought in. But I was over the moon excited for Shatterstar and Bedlam. They were WAY under used. And all that speculation about who Peter really was? Well, he was no one apparently. I introduced you all to these characters that I know and love and was really looking forward to seeing them on the big screen. That whole part was a let down and almost pointless if you ask me.

Vanessa in Heaven?

I am not sure what this was all about but it was awful. Vanessa, Deadpool’s girlfriend, dies at the beginning. OK, great – that is a good way to propel a hero forward. Nope. He keeps almost dying and seeing her and trying to get to her. And he can’t get through some imaginary wall because he had to help a kid? I mean, I don’t know. This whole plot point really slowed the movie down and it would have been better if they took it all out.

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With actor cameos such as Brad Pitt, Alan Tudyk, and even Matt Damon, this movie should have been great. One of my favorite parts of the movie was in the X Mansion when Deadpool is complaining about the studio not having the budget for at least one other character (which was done well, but was also done in the first film, i.e. lazy writing), and then we see the cast from X-Men: Apocalypse. These were all perfectly used cameos. Black Tom Cassidy was amazing, although Juggernaut, as I explained above, was not. There was such potential here, and it fell flat.

Mid-Credit Scene

Hands down the best part of the movie was the mid-credit scene. We see Deadpool going through time to fix things. He saves his girlfriend (of course), shoots Ryan Reynolds before he does Green Lantern (hilarious), and fixes the monstrosity of Deadpool that we saw in Wolverine Origins (yay!). He does a few other things as well, and all were very amusing. This is the Deadpool I know and love.

Deadpool 2 is in theaters now – but I would wait for the home release.


  1. The movies today get so detailed and have such plot lines – I cannot believe we used to make do with a cartoon Batman! I also think it is neat how super heroes crossover now.

  2. This review basically mirrors my own. There were some good parts- Domino and The cut scene were my favs, but overall I was underwhelmed. It dragged and the lack of use of X-Force was really crappy.

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