New Comic Book Day Pull List for September 12th, 2018 (9/12/18)


Welcome to my pull list for new comic book day September 12th, 2018 (9/12/18). You probably know that I am quite the comic book collector. I am really excited about a lot of the titles that will be out today – which ones will you be picking up?

 Fantastic Four 2 comic book


  • Champions #24: I jumped in this series at issue #22, after Infinity Countdown. SO GOOD! I wish I hard started reading it sooner!
  • Daredevil #608
  • Domino #6: In my opinion, Domino was the best part of Deadpool 2. I have always loved her in the comics and am excited for her to have her own series.
  • Exiles #8
  • Fantastic Four #2: Finally!! We should see the first family all back together in this issue. I cannot wait! I loved the first issue and have been counting the days for this one!
  • Iceman #1 (of 5)
  • Infinity Wars #3: This series is easily my favorite right now. I am eager to read this issue!
  • Journey Into Mystery: The Birth of Krakoa #1
  • Marvel Rising Omega #1
  • Ms. Marvel #34: I love getting to know the new Ms. Marvel before we see her on the big screen (hopefully really soon!!).
  • Runaways #13: I keep being told I need to watch this TV show. I enjoy the comics so, perhaps I will try it some time soon!
  • Venom #3
  • X-23 #4
  • X-Men Blue #35

NCBD Suicide Squad comic book


  • Catwoman #3: I adore Catwoman.
  • Flash #54
  • House of Whispers #1
  • Suicide Squad #46
  • Titans #25
  • Wonder Woman #54

Doctor Who: Road to the thirteenth doctor comic book


  • Doctor Who The Road To The Thirteenth Doctor #3: I plan to watch this TV series, and have been told this comic series might be a good way to prepare and catch up!

Don’t miss my live New Comic Book Day chats over on YouTube to find out what books I am loving and not loving. This is something I do weekly, on Wednesdays at 1:00 p.m. EST and I look forward to having you join me!

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