Why Marvel Fans Will Love Venom: My Review


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When I first heard that Venom was going to become a movie, I was over the moon excited. Venom is a fantastic character in the Marvel comic books. I have felt like really needed a redemption after Spider-Man 3. Don’t get me wrong, I love Topher Grace, but he was just not the right choice for Eddie Brock. As the trailers came, I was less and less excited – until that final one. In that one, they sold me. The fact that there would be no Spider-Man made me a little nervous, but I got it. Cut to opening weekend and the negative reviews came rolling in. I finally went after the second weekend, expecting a bomb, and came out thrilled with my experience (and this movie!). Here is why.

My Trailer Reactions

First, take a look at how I felt about the trailers.

Comic Book Nods

It should come as no surprise to you that I am a big comic book fan. And if it does? Well, welcome to my site, I hope you stick around a while. There were several comic book nods throughout this film that would make any Marvel reader grin from ear to ear. First of all, when the space ship crashes they mention one survivor – “Jameson”. If you read the comics you know that J. Jonah Jameson’s son, John, survives a space ship crash thanks to Spider-Man. Pretty damn cool right. Although he dies (we assume) moments later when the ambulance crashes.

In the beginning of the movie, while Anne and Eddie are talking, she says they don’t want a repeat of the Daily Globe incident. In the comics, Spider-Man gets Eddie fired from the globe, which is the Bugle’s rival. Another awesome nod to the comics. And perhaps my favorite one could have easily been missed by fans. While shopping in the mart for food, Venom mentions he wants frozen tots and chocolate for dinner. In the comics, Venom curbs his appetite for flesh and brains by eating chocolate.

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Incredible CGI

I am really picky about CGI. Especially after the hot mess that was Deadpool 2. But this CGI was done perfectly. It was amazing. I loved the way all of the symbiotes looked and moved. And that battle between Riot and Venom. It was everything. EVERYTHING. Say what you will about the plot, but you cannot say the CGI was done poorly.

Good vs. Evil

Riz Ahmed plays Carlton Drake, the “bad guy” in Venom. I was lucky enough to interview him once and have always thought he is amazing actor. The chemistry between him and Tom Hardy was amazing. I loved watching them battle it out as good and evil in this movie. Both of them were phenomenal in their roles and I genuinely enjoyed watching them together on the screen.

venom and eddie

Venom and Eddie

Venom and Eddie account for a lot of the humorous moments in this film. When their bodies were still merging, there were some over the top moments, but overall, I loved them together. For example, when Venom tells Eddie to jump and instead he goes in the elevator, Venom calls him a pussy. The way it was done was fantasticly hilarious. And the whole phone call between Eddie and Anne (and Doctor Dan) after the tests were run on him… perfect.

Watch my video review to get all my thoughts the morning after watching Venom.

Overall, I think if you are even the slightest bit a Marvel fan (especially a Spider-Man/Venom one), you will enjoy this movie. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. Is it fun, filled with action, and top of the line with CGI? You’re damn right it is.

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