E-Blox Circuits Bring STEM Learning To A Whole New Level


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E-Blox girls building

My husband and I are both total geeks. We are always purchasing the latest and greatest technologies, and STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) is something that is very important to us. We are constantly trying to find ways to incorporate these things into our young daughters lives. One thing we spend a lot of time doing together as a family is creating things with building blocks. Recently we discovered E-Blox which incorporates building blocks and creating circuits. Our girls have been having a blast coming up with their own 3D circuits and lighting them up.

Let Their Imaginations Run Wild

I have said it time and time again, I adore listening to my daughters’ play together. The story lines and things that they come up with blow me away. I wish I had an imagination like they do. With E-Blox, they can build just about anything – and when they connect the circuits to light them up – let’s just say I have never seen them so excited. We received the pARTS Starter Kit from E-Blox and my daughters built things like a heart, a horse, and even a robot! This kit totally impressed me because not only could their creations light up, they could flash and change colors!

Totally Compatible

My absolute favorite part about the E-Blox is that they are totally compatible with the other building blocks we already have at home. This means that my girls (and OK, my husband and myself too!) can combine them to create massive creations. Then we just connect the battery block and power up the electrical component. Teaching my daughters about the science behind all of this was probably my husband’s favorite part about it. They were so enthralled with it. We certainly love adding science into most of what we do at home – even during play time!

About E-Blox Circuit Builders

The “E” is for electrical circuitry that brings colorful plated blocks to life with a whirl, flash or sound. It also represents the “E” in STEM learning that’s a must for today’s iPhone generation. The Circuit Builder™ Line of 59, 115 or 120 projects, offers little engineers the excitement of bringing their construction to life, through the wizardry of E-Blox. Along the way, kids will pick up STEM facts and figures like current, voltage, electricity generation and battery recycling.

As they build their own toys and games, they will start to notice how circuitry is all around them. Switches, wires and home appliances suddenly become intriguing objects they can manipulate on a small scale with their E-Blox kits. Safety is always a concern at this family-owned business based in Buffalo Grove, and you can read here about the measures the company takes. You can see some projects on their YouTube channel videos.

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  1. Lisa Williams on
    I would build with my little niece and nephew, they are crazy about building things,it's one of their favorite activities when they come to my house.
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