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When the Kia Sorento was delivered to our house, I knew it was change our lives. From the moment I saw it, I could tell it would be a world of difference to drive in the winter, but that isn’t all that changed. You see, my oldest daughter is six (going on 15). We moved her carseat over, but we could tell that she was just getting too big for it. Our first weekend with the Kia, my husband went outside, and installed her Diono Booster Seat. I would be lying if I said I didn’t shed a few tears. To see her getting in the car and buckling herself, in the regular seat belt, tugged at my heart strings.

Watching my oldest daughter go from a five-point harness to using the seat belt that adults use, well, that was a little hard to swallow. I have always had to climb in the backseat and buckle her in. Now she can do that all herself. She tells me that the Kia made her a big girl – but that just isn’t true. It just helped us discover that she really is one. I can’t tell you how many times I catch myself looking at her in the rear view mirror and she just seems – big.

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Every now and then I see her goofing around with her little sister and I imagine them as tweens, and teens. Still sitting in the back seat of the Kia. I can see them moving up to the front seat, and eventually learning to drive. For me, life is about adventure, about fun, and about family. We take our Kia Sorento on multiple mini-adventures every week, and are looking forward to a long weekend where we can explore together. I know I have to enjoy the time I have with them, before they want nothing to do with me.

Kia Sorento’s Safety Features

Thankfully, I fully trust Kia with their safety – even though it is hard at times to be vulnerable. The fact is, you cannot control everyone on the road, and you cannot control everything. And that means that for me, safety is the number one thing I care about in a vehicle. If I am going to be taking my daughters somewhere, my whole world somewhere, I want to make sure we are as safe as possible on the way there.

The Kia Sorento is chock full of safety features, making it my top choice for a family vehicle. The lane departure sensor keeps me on my toes. You never know when I might have to splitting up an argument in the backseat, from the front seat. Thanks to this amazing feature, I will know if I am drifting out the lane to stop anything bad from happening. There are even side curtain airbags in the second AND third rows! With a vehicle like this, it is obvious that Kia cares about the safety of my family, almost as much as I do. I mean, when compared to the Ford Edge, it crushed it in safety.

Kia Sorento Cargo Space

I know it will only be a matter of time before my daughters is climbing in to the Kia’s back seat and not in to a booster and a carseat. And one day she will even be driving herself. I just hope it is a Kia because that will keep her the safest. Test drive a Kia at your local dealership today to see what I am talking about. I think you will agree.


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