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Pley Disney Princess Box - Merida

As you likely know by now, my family and I are huge Disney fans. Several months ago we discovered a new Disney subscription box – the Pley Disney Princess box. It comes every two months and each box is themed to a Disney Princess. So far we have received Ariel, Rapunzel, and our latest box – Merida. This is something that my girls have been loving – and I think many kids would enjoy it. What a great gift for a Disney Princess fan this holiday season.

Inside the Box

Each box contains 4 to 6 Disney Princess toys, activities, and fashion accessories. In our Ariel box we got a nice pair of pajamas that my daughter asks to wear just about every night. There was also an Ariel doll and sunglasses. Not to mention the box came with instructions to turn it into a boat! Watch our latest unboxing video below to see what was included in our Merida box!

One of my favorite things about this box is that each item is something we will use time and time again. Even the activity book includes a princess story, making it something that we will keep when the activities are all completed. I also like that each box can become something fun with a little work, because that means less waste. Subscribe here!

Giveaway Alert

Enter to win a one month Disney Princess Pley Subscription using the Gleam form below! There will be TWO winners that will receive the Merida box. Be sure to check out my other giveaways while you are here and GOOD LUCK!

Disney Princess Pley Box Subscription


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  1. jennifer bowen on
    i really love them all but well one of them that i love would be snow white because she is verry pretty and really love the movie it was one of the frist movies i ever seen on tv back when i was a little girl in the 70's
  2. My favorite Disney Princess has always been Ariel from The Little Mermaid. She never gave up on her dreams and gave up her old life for love.
  3. I love Miranda! She's brave (ha ha), smart, knows what she wants, a little rebellious but quick to learn from her mistakes.
  4. I love Merida! Im 1/2 Scottish so already Im in love with her heritage and Im so envious of her archery skills ;)
  5. My little girl seems to like Ariel the best. She was going to have Ariel as a middle name, but we changed it at the last second
  6. I love Sleeping Beauty!! I love that she got to hide out in a cabin with her fairy godmothers and change her name :)
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  8. My favorite is Rapunzel since Mandy Moore voices her. My daughter's favorite is Moana right now. I think she might be officially a princess?
  9. Sherrie Cruson on
    My favorite is Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs because the story is a scary and romantic. Because it's Disney everything turns out okay in the end. I also thought the dwarfs were pretty funny, especially grumpy.
  10. Renee Rousseau on
    Sleeping Beauty is my favorite Disney Princess. I remember fondly playing with my Sleeping Beauty paper dolls!

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