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Secret Life of Pets Masks

My family has been waiting for The Secret Life of Pets to come out since we saw the first teaser trailer. We have a pug ourselves and always wonder what she is up to when we leave her at home. This movie is sure to be cute, fun, and downright hilarious – just look at the stellar cast! To help celebrate the release, I have put together some super cute easy mask and puppet crafts featuring the animals of the film. Since this film is all about pets, I have partnered with Simple Solutionpet care products, to bring you these today.

Secret Life of Pets Craft

My girls and I love to make masks for all of our favorite animated characters. The way we do it is super simple and you just need a few items. A printer with paper and ink, paper plate, glue stick, twine or string, and scissors. They are not the fanciest masks, but they have provided hours and hours of fun for my girls on more than one occasion!

 Secret Life of Pets Masks  Secret Life of Pets Masks  Secret Life of Pets Masks

  1. The first step is finding a photo of each the characters that you would like to use for your mask. I usually search Google and let me girls choose.
  2. Next, cut out the faces (or even the whole body depending on the character – sometimes my girls like to do this) and glue them to a paper plate.
  3. Cut out eye holes and a mouth hole.
  4. Make small holes in the side of the plate and tie your string or twine around the back, to help hold on the mask.
  5. And you are done!

Secret Life of Pets Puppets

Creating the puppets is even easier! My daughters love to put on puppet shows so we make a lot of these. You will need a printer with paper and ink, paper plates (or cardboard), glue stick, tape, scissors, and straws (or Popsicle sticks).

  1. The first step is finding a photo of each the characters that you would like to use for your puppet. I usually search Google and let me girls choose.
  2. Next, cut out the character and glue them to a paper plate or cardboard for stability. (You can also print on thicker paper)
  3. Now cut around the character again.
  4. Place the straw on the back of the character and tape it down.
  5. Put on a puppet show!

Secret Life of Pets Puppets

We created 5 masks & puppets that we created inspired by The Secret Life of Pets film (which just hit theaters 7/8).

Secret Life of Pets Puppets & Masks

As much as I love my pug, she knows how to make a mess. One time, we bought a brand new couch (a white one at that) and within the first week, Khaleesi thought it would be OK to climb up on it and do her business. So we have dealt with our fair share of pet stains and odors. Luckily I was able to find some great tips for getting tough on pet stains over at LiveThePetLife.com:

  • Buy the right product for the job. There are products on the market formulated specifically for stains, for odors, for both stain and odors, and even just for urine. Scott tells us that oxygen-activated (Oxy) formulas are best for removing tough stains. Also, an aerosol product with a continuous power spray is preferable to one with a trigger spray because it lets you reach a wider area and penetrates deep into fibers.
  • Use paper towels to pick up the mess and then soak up any liquid. Then rinse the stain once with cold water. If you’re dealing with pet feces, use a pet waste pick-up bag to dispose of it.
  • Douse the soiled area with pet stain remover. For carpets, Scott says pet urine leaks down into the backing and spreads for several inches, so it’s best to spray a ring several inches outside the stain area and then flood the inside with the stain remover. Make sure you spray enough liquid on the stain. Keep spraying until it’s really wet—but not saturated, which could cause mold.
  • Let it dry. Then vacuum.
  • Treat old stains differently than new stains. You need to use more stain remover and let it stay wet for longer.
  • Clean stained bedding, pet beds and other fabrics in the washing machine. Use an Oxy product, let it sit for an hour or two, then wash in warm water if the fabric label says it allows this temperature.

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