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Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit

My 2.5 year has been working really hard at potty training. She has been doing OK for the last several months but needed a little push. I know that she knows when she needs to go – she would just rather play with her toys or continue doing whatever she is doing than take a potty break. Well, I decided that I needed to make potty training fun and so I pulled out the big guns – a Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit would do the trick (and it has!). If I could make potty training just as fun as her toys (or at least almost as fun), I knew that I could get her fully trained. Kandoo has so many awesome printables that are perfect for a fun potty training themed party – it is sure to kick start any child wanting to use the potty!

Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit   Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit   Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit  Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit

Included in this Kandoo Potty Training Printables kit are a Potty Training Guide, Bathroom Time Chart, Kandoo Door Hanger, and “I Did It” Certificate. My daughter loves using these items to help her go – especially the Bathroom Time Chart and the Door Hanger. I must say, I feel proud when I see her run to the bathroom and flip that door hanger around before closing it! It is so cute to see and I can’t help but smile. She loves putting on her “I’m a Super Kid” cape after she has gone and showing it off to everyone.

Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit   Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit

If you are planning a potty training party there are several things that I would call “must haves”. The Kandoo Flushable Cleansing Wipes are incredible. I love them because they clean up to 30% better than toilet paper (leaving a lot less mess when a little one starts wiping for themselves). And my daughter loves them because they are soft on her privates, unlike toilet paper. I love the little case because it fits perfectly on top of the toilet making it easy for my daughter to reach when she is done. The case comes with customizable stickers to put on the top which just makes a child even more excited about potty training. My daughter loves seeing her name on the case. Kandoo also has hand soap with BRIGHTFOAM® colors that let your child know when his/her hands are covered in soap. Both of my daughters love this soap – and so do I! It makes washing their hands easy and fun!

If you need some Potty Training Tips and Tools (and let’s face it, I did) here are some great articles:

If you are starting the road to potty training (or just looking for some tips to get it finished up), throw your child(ren) a Kandoo Potty Training Party! This is a sure fire way to get your kids excited about using the potty! Be sure to grab some coupons here to save.


Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit     Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit
Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit
Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit

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Kandoo Potty Training Party Kit

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