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Frozen Matching GameWe love Disney – so of course, we love Frozen. We actually have two Anna barbie dolls because the girls used to fight over her. They have pretty much every other princess, but of course, they have to both be Anna. We saw Frozen on Ice and we watch Frozen at least three times a week (yes, still). It is on repeat in the car and my daughters dance around singing “Let It Go” at least a billion times a day (OK, that one may be an exaggeration). We also love to play games so when my girls saw the Frozen Matching Game from Wonder Forge show up at our door, they screamed (literally) for about ten minutes. It was a tad annoying, but I was excited too, because I knew this game would be a lot of fun.

Frozen Matching Game   Frozen Matching Game   Frozen Matching Game

I love playing memory/matching games with my daughters. I feel like it really strengthens their brain muscles. It makes them think, and remember, and I like that. My 2 year old pretty much just gets lucky at this point, but my 3.5 year old gets really in to remembering where certain characters are. I can see those wheels turning as we play. The fact that this game is Frozen themed made it really fun for all of us. When we turned tiles over, we assigned them lines from the movie – we had a blast, laughing and playing. My 3.5 year beat me fair and square (I love it when that happens). This game is the perfect addition to any family game night – and Wonder Forge has many others so be sure to check them out!

Pick up your copy of Disney Frozen Matching Game from Wonder Forge here. 

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