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Crafts Cinderella

Cinderella & Frozen Fever in Theaters Now!

Do you plan to see Cinderella this weekend? I know I want to go! OK, mainly because of Frozen Fever (huge fan here!) but I do want to see Cinderella as well. If my daughters were a little older, we would definitely be going to see it in the theater. I am hoping to convince my husband that a date night for this is in order! Below are some fun activity sheets that you can download to help you celebrate the long awaited release of Cinderella this weekend – just click the link to download them.

Entertainment Stone Age Smackdown

The Flintstones & WWE Blu-ray + DVD Giveaway

I used to love watching The Flintstones growing up. I have been sharing them with my daughters when I can, and they are growing to love them too! The Flintstones and WWE: Stone Age Smackdown will be available on Blu-ray combo pack TOMORROW – 3/10 – and I was lucky enough to get my hands on it earlier this week. We have already watched it twice through – my girls love it! We had a lot of fun doing some of the downloadable activities and laughing at the movie. All your favorite WWE stars make appearances as well, which makes the movie even more fun!

Kids Word World Birthday Party

Word World: Birthday Party DVD

My girls LOVE Word World! So much so that they threw a huge fit when the PBS Kids schedule got rearranged to introduce Peg + Cat (which they eventually decided to love as well) and Word World was removed from our local lineup. It was bad enough that I tried to contact our local PBS Kids to see when it might be on again. I also have limited internet where I live (Yay for being in the middle of nowhere) so we can only stream so much Netflix, etc a month before we have to stop. Trust me, it was a difficult few weeks until I could get my hands on a Word World DVD – and we are all excited to add another one to our collection!

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