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Disney Inside Out

Inside Out is a Must See Family Movie of the Summer | #InsideOutEvent

Unless you are living under a rock than you have heard of the latest Disney/Pixar movie – Inside Out. Well, I was lucky enough to attend the World Premiere in Hollywood earlier this month (read about my red carpet experience here) and all I can say is WOW! This movie sure is emotional. I was bawling within the first few minutes of the movie (actually before the movie if you count the short that plays before it, Lava).

Disney Inside Out Prodcuts

Get Your Inside Out Products While You Can


Let me start off by saying get your Inside Out toys and products NOW. This movie is going to be as big as Frozen (if not bigger) in my opinion. Think back to when Frozen came out – it was impossible to get any Frozen items. I remember having to resort to paying a lot more than I wanted to on websites for items just to please my daughters. I don’t want to relive that again, and I don’t think you do either. I have put together some of my favorite items from Disney Consumer Products featuring the emotions (and Bing Bong!) from Inside Out. I suggest looking through it all, deciding what you want to purchase, and doing it TODAY – remember, Inside Out comes to theaters everywhere TOMORROW. And once everyone sees it, they are going to want all of these amazing products!

Disney inside out

What goes into making an animated movie? #InsideOutEvent

I have always wondered how much work goes into making an animated movie. So when I saw this clip where the cast of Inside Out explained it, I was thrilled! I always knew little animated people drew the animations – thanks for confirming it Mindy Kaling! This short video is hilarious – it really makes me even more confident that the movie voices were perfectly cast!


Chatting with Chrissie Fit & Jordan Fisher {#TeenBeach2Event}

While in LA recently, I was lucky enough to sit down and chat with Chrissie Fit and Jordan Fisher from Teen Beach 2. They play CheeChee and Seacat in the movie, and provide a lot of the comic relief in it. As you know, I also took a dance lesson from them (read about that here) but one of my favorite parts of that day was talking with Chrissie and Jordan. They are both so down to Earth and fun to be around – I felt like I was hanging out with a couple of good friends. I had just seen Teen Beach 2 so it was interesting to talk with them about it. There were a lot of good questions from my fellow bloggers – and I even got to ask one as well. Below is a video of Jordan & Chrissie answering the question “What kind of advice [do] you have for an aspiring Musician, Artist, Dancer?”

Entertainment Pirate's Code

Pirate’s Code on DVD {Giveaway}

I love watching movies with my daughters. They have recently started getting more in to “real people” movies (as my 4 year old calls them) so that has opened up a whole new world of possibilities. Right now, they have a thing for pirates – toys, TV shows, movies, you name it! That is why I knew that they would love Pirate’s Code: The Adventures of Mickey Matson. As soon as I put this movie in, they tuned in to it. They both watched it all the way through. What a great movie for the entire family! It teaches great morals and is a lot of fun. I was nervous that some parts might be too scary but they weren’t at all. I highly recommend it.

Disney Los Angeles Premiere And Party For Disney-Pixar's INSIDE OUT At El Capitan Theatre

A Party on the Purple Carpet #InsideOutEvent

“There is nothing like a Disney Red Carpet.” That is what I was told as we pulled up to the Inside Out red (or should I say purple) carpet premiere at the El Capitan Theater in Hollywood. I knew this was going to be an amazingly wonderful once-in-a-lifetime experience but I didn’t know the half of it. I got butterflies as I stepped out on to the purple carpet. I snapped a picture and then put my phone in my wristlet so I could look around and take it all in. I could have stood in that spot the entire night and watched the bustle of the carpet. The paparazzi on one side, behind barriers, yelling stars names hoping for the perfect shot – on the other side, fans hoping to get a selfie with or a wave from their favorite actors. A wave of emotions overcame me (fitting I guess considering the movie) and I felt overwhelmed for just a minute. Then it was time to focus and enjoy my night.


Dancing Along to Teen Beach 2

Teen Beach Movie is one of my family’s favorite movies to watch together. My young daughters love dancing and singing along to all of the songs. I was lucky enough to be invited to LA to see Teen Beach 2 before it airs on the Disney Channel (it is also available on DVD the same day – June 26, 2015). I must say that the actors and dancers have really stepped it up this film and my toes were tapping the entire time. If you were impressed with the moves in the first one, you will be blown away by Teen Beach 2. I know I was. One of my favorite dance sequences was during “Gotta Be Me” but little did I know that just a half hour later, I would be learning those moves from two of the stars of the movie – Chrissie Fit “CheeChee” and Jordan Fisher “Seacat”. Watch the clip from Teen Beach 2 below and you will see what I am talking about.

Disney zootopia

New Disney Animation Movie Trailer – Zootopia

I love movies that I can enjoy with my young daughters. One of our favorite things to do as a family is go to the movies. I just sat down and watched the trailer for Zootopia – the latest Disney Animation project – and we all got extremely excited. This movie looks like it will be hilarious. And since it is from the creators of Frozen and Big Hero 6, we all know it will be a hit! My (almost) 4 year old has already asked me to replay the trailer at least 10 times. Zootopia is “like nothing you’ve seen be-fur” and I cannot wait until it comes out, March 4, 2016!

Disney Bridge of Spies

See Tom Hanks in Bridge of Spies

I love Tom Hanks – I mean, come on, who doesn’t? He is an incredible actor who has been in so many amazing films (Forest Gump, Catch Me If You Can, and BIG just to name a few). So when I heard he was going to be in a new DreamWorks movie, Bridge of Spies, I was thrilled! I saw this trailer at the movies with my husband and we both immediately looked at each other and said yup, it’s a date night movie! Like everything Tom Hanks does, this movie looks incredible – and I cannot wait until October to see it!

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