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I’ve Never Seen Iron Man 3 Before. Here’s What I Thought.

Iron Man 3 review

I’ve Never Seen Iron Man 3 Before. 

The events of The Avengers, in which other-worldly creatures invaded New York City thanks to Loki, were enough to frighten any passerby watching the chaos unfold. But Tony Stark, a sarcastic man who doesn’t seem frightened by most things in life, is changed and traumatized following his heroic actions (but don’t worry, he’s still got that same sass).

Back for Iron Man 3, the final film in the Iron Man trilogy, Stark faces new challenges in his personal and professional life and new villains as he tries to protect the people he loves.

Here’s What I Thought.

1. We’re starting off with a very somber sounding Tony Stark. But, of course, that silliness is still there.

2. “Blue” by Eiffel 65 is such a bop!

3. Tony Stark in 1999 is just as wild as modern-day Tony Stark. It’s good to see that things haven’t changed much.

4. I almost didn’t recognize Rebecca Hall!

5. Rebecca Hall telling Jon Favreau not to touch her plant is so me whenever someone admires my green beauties.

6. Remember when everyone was freaking out over Y2K? What a time to be alive.

7. Stop being so mean to your robot, Tony! And get that dunce cap off of it!

8. His suit is literally beating him up and he deserves it after being so rude to the robot.

9. Well the Mandarin is terrifying!

10. Wow they got the great Joan Rivers to roast the Iron Patriot suit LOL

11. “I loved you in ‘A Christmas Story.’” Oh my god.

12. Tony Stark and an anxiety attack!? This is not the same guy from the previous movies.

13. Killian got such a glow up. Pepper is shook and I’m shook!

14. How does everyone have all this cool technology in the “Iron Man” world!?

15. Well, at least Happy doesn’t know how to flip the camera on his iPad. Truly the most relatable person here.

16. That Pepper and Killian cheek kiss was very spicy!

17. Tony Stark admitting fault? Something is REALLY wrong.

18. Awww this is a sweet moment between the two of them.

19. OK HELLO creepy Iron Man suit that’s just walking into their bedroom. The sweet moment is officially over.

Iron Man 3 review

20. I knew there was something weird going on with that employee Happy was looking at, but what in the world is all of this now?

21. The Mandarin really hates fortune cookies.

22. Awww Tony hanging out in Happy’s hospital room.

23. Alright Tony has made his beef with the Mandarin known! Let’s see how this plays out.

24. Does law enforcement have this crime scene mapping technology that Tony has? Because this would be VERY helpful.


26. Omg Pepper is Iron Man!?!? Where are her movies???

27. Once AGAIN this gorgeous house is being destroyed!

28. Maya picked a terrible day to visit.

29. Suit is not combat ready? Uh, really bad timing for that message.

30. Nooooo the robot!!!

31. I suppose being trapped underwater would be a good time as any for the flight power to reactivate.

32. Talk about a crash landing!

33. I’ll spend Christmas with you, Pepper!!!

34. Are Tony and this little kid about to team up?

35. Of course Killian is connected to the Mandarin.

36. The “Dora the Explorer” watch is everything.

37. The events of “The Avengers” have really traumatized Tony.

38. Another fiery, glowing person!

39. And another one! They’re all over this town!

40. Boy is this a really bad time to not have the Iron Man suit handy.

41. Well, actually, Tony was able to handle that all pretty well with his science knowledge. Good job, Tony.

42. This just in: Water towers actually have water inside them.

43. This little kid needs to join the Avengers.

44. How is no one tracking the Mandarin???

45. Ahhh Stan Lee sighting!

46. Gary is such an adorable fanboy.

47. The hair, the tattoo, it’s too much!


49. Oh no they got Rhodes!

50. I can’t believe there isn’t a “Make your own Iron Man suit” kit available at Home Depot and Lowes. Tony makes it look so easy.

51. Well this isn’t what I expected from the Mandarin. But Ben Kingsley is always such a delight.

52. Alright let’s see how Tony wiggles himself out of this mess.

53. Killian/the Mandarin is pure evil!

Iron Man 3 review

Iron Man 3 PH: Zade Rosenthal © 2012 MVLFFLLC. TM & © 2012 Marvel. All Rights Reserved.


55. Killian breathes fire!?!?

56. There comes the suit! Finally!

57. That security guard is EVERYTHING! “Honestly I hate working here, they are so weird” LOL!

58. I just laughed so hard over the Mandarin having a gun pointed directly at his face but being more concerned about the soccer match.

59. Woah! Vice president sabotage!

60. They’ve got to stop letting these fiery people touch their Iron Man suits.

61. Oh my god this plane rescue was so intense.

62. Ooooh the House Party Protocol.

63. It’s an Iron Man party!!

64. Enough fun and games, time to save our queen Pepper!



67. A big adjustment that Tony needs to make with future suits: heat resistant.


69. Superhuman Pepper is everything.

70. Pepper: “Who’s the hot mess now?” HA!

71. OK, it’s a shame that he just blew up all of those suits. They were pretty cool looking!

72. Happy’s alright! And still watching “Downton Abbey.”

73. Awww the kid got such a cool workshop upgrade! Tony can be a good guy.

74. So now Tony doesn’t have the metal thing in his chest anymore. I assume he’ll be ok just based on the fact that he has a bunch of other MCU movie appearances coming up.

75. Oh hey it’s Bruce Banner! And he’s the world’s worst therapist.

Iron Man 3 review

Overall Thoughts On Iron Man 3

“Iron Man 3” took a bit of a different approach that I really enjoyed. I’m glad that they didn’t entirely brush the events of The Avengers under the rug and instead decided to show that Tony Stark has been struggling with PTSD and he’s become obsessed with his work in order to distract himself from facing reality.

While I do wish they could have explored this more, I’m pretty happy with what we got. And, of course, the film still has many familiar elements – cool gadget upgrades, sassy and sarcastic Tony, bad guys after him – but it was nice to see this different side of him. Robert Downey Jr. continues to prove that he was always the right pick for Iron Man, and it’s hard to imagine anyone else taking on this role.

I also enjoyed Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts in this film, mainly because the writers involved her more in the action than in the previous films. They did give me a mini heart attack when I thought we lost her for a brief second, but she came back in a blaze of glory, to say the least.

I think out of all the villains we’ve encountered in the Iron Man films, Killian was the most interesting. You can tell there’s something off with this guy, but the army of fiery misfits was a pretty cool twist, not to mention that he is the mastermind behind the Mandarin. Guy Pearce was quite captivating from start to finish, and he put up quite a fight at the end. The drama throughout the whole film, actually, was gripping and it never let up.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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About Iron Man 3

Plagued with worry and insomnia since saving New York from destruction, Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), now, is more dependent on the suits that give him his Iron Man persona — so much so that every aspect of his life is affected, including his relationship with Pepper (Gwyneth Paltrow).
After a malevolent enemy known as the Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) reduces his personal world to rubble, Tony must rely solely on instinct and ingenuity to avenge his losses and protect the people he loves.