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Who Is Thanos’ Brother Eros AKA Starfox In Marvel Comics?

Rumors are flying that Thanos’ Brother Eros, also known as Starfox, is coming to the Marvel Cinematic Universe – here’s who he is in the comics.
starfox marvel
Fans have long suspected that Starfox, who is Thanos’ brother Eros, will be appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe at some point. So who exactly is this character in the Marvel Comic Books? What are his powers? Here is a breakdown of everything you need to know about Eros AKA Starfox from the Marvel comic books.

Who Is Starfox?

Starfox is the code name of Eros. Eros is a member of the Eternals and was born on Titan. He is the son of Mentor and brother of Thanos. Where Eros serves as a superhero, Marvel fans all know by now that his mad brother Thanos is not so much of a hero. These two have a lot of conflict in the comic books.
He can be descried as a fun-loving, carefree womanizer and adventurer who never really took his brother seriously until he launched an attack on Titan. 
starfox marvel

What Are Starfox’s Powers?

As with the rest of the Eternals, his body ages much slower than normal thanks to the cosmic energy inside of him. He has a higher tolerance and resistance to injury, however blades and bullets can hurt him. That being said he has a much higher rate of healing. Eros can fly, as well. 
Starfox’s main power is that he can psionically stimulate the pleasure centers in nearby people’s brains, making them calm and open to suggestion using his persuasion skill.
There is even some suggestion that Starfox can use this euphoria effect to cause a person or persons to become infatuated with him, objects, or people of his choosing — simply to make others feel good while in his presence.

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This euphoria power of his does not work on his brother, Thanos. Starfox’s mental powers do not work on beings whose brains do not have pleasure centers. In the comic books his powers were shut off at Eros’ request to prevent them from being abused.
Starfox has been a member of the Avengers as well as the Dark Guardians.

Notable Story Line

One of the most notable story lines is when Eros was charged with sexual assault. He was claimed to have seduced a married woman and was defended by the lawyer Jennifer Walters, who fans know as She-Hulk. He used his abilities to sway the emotions of the witnesses in his favor and was banned from the courtroom for it. 
Mentor, Eros’ father, took him away from Earth to hold a trail on Titan, where Thanos appeared and told everyone his obsession with death and balance started from Eros using his power on him when they were younger to influence him that way.
When Eros heard, and remembered this, he asked for his powers to be turned off as to not hurt anyone else. 
However, these were false memories that Thanos planted in Eros.