10 Most Emotional Moments In Marvel’s WandaVision


Marvel’s WandaVision on Disney+ is one of the best shows ever created — and it is also filled with emotional moments. Here’s my top 10.

wandavision episode 8 wanda creating vision

WandaVision is a show that is pretty much perfectly done. Kevin Feige knows what he is doing and should never be doubted. It starts off putting fans in a sitcom world, complete with commercials, and ends setting up the future of the MCU. Not to mention that it completely rips fans apart with emotional moments all the way throughout. I know I shed many a tears watching, and I know I am not the only one. 

Here is a collection of my top ten most emotional moments of WandaVision but trust me, this was a hard list to put together. I feel like I could have done fifteen or twenty — or even more. This show shook me week after week and I am so sad to say goodbye to it. However, it has served its purpose, and we have a lot more to look forward to in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

WARNING: Spoilers for WandaVision Ahead

Most Emotional Moments In WandaVision

As always these emotional moments go in the order of when they occurred in WandaVision, not by order of how emotional they are. There are major spoilers for the series in this article so if you have not finished watching it yet, come back after you have.

That Marvel Intro

I know, I know, this feels like a cop out. But seeing the Marvel intro on new content for the first time in over a year was very emotional. I teared up. It just made me realize we are BACK in the MCU, and it was such an incredible feeling. Of course, when it turned to black and white, that was just the icing on the cake.

Flash To Vision’s Corpse

One of the first times we are pulled out of this fake reality is when Wanda confronts Monica after she mentions Ultron. That entire scene is so intense and it just barely didn’t make this list — although I will kind of loop it into this one because it sets us up for a complete shock. When Vision enquires about where “Geraldine” went and Wanda looks at him, we see his corpse from Avengers: Infinity War with the stone ripped out of his head. 

This not only startled me, but then it followed up with a gut punch as Wanda tells him they can’t leave there. All she wants is to be happy, and have her love with her. Wanda has lost everything. And this seems like the only way she can be happy again.

wandavison quicksilver

“Pietro” Arrives

It was so exciting to see Pietro arrive in Westview — even if it is the wrong Pietro and probably not even the real one. I was leery of him from the start, but man, it was so good to see him at Wanda and Vision’s door. The entire Halloween episode with him being the immature uncle is just flawless, and only Evan Peters could have pulled that off.

wandavisino hex expansion

Hex Expansion

With Vision in danger and Wanda losing grip on her perfect reality, she expands the Hex, sucking in most of S.W.O.R.D. and turning it into a literal circus. This part of the show was set up so well with Vision and Wanda being at odds, and then the twins, Billy and Tommy, getting their powers. 

wandavision episode 7 monica

Monica Gets Her Powers

Speaking of getting powers, ever since Monica Rambeau was attached to this show, I assumed that she would be getting her powers. But the way that WandaVision did that was better than I ever could have imagined. Going in and out of the Hex has caused her cells to rewrite themselves at a molecular level, which triggered her superhuman abilities.

What an incredible moment as she goes through that barrier and you see her change — to then go confront Wanda and even do a classic superhero landing. Amazing.

wandavision agatha all along

Agatha Harkness Reveal

Let’s be honest… we all know that Agnes was Agatha Harkness since before this show even started. But to see the reveal, well, that was something else. Especially coupled with a catchy song going back into previous episodes and showing the strings Agatha was pulling all along. Perfection.

wandavision episode 8 hayward

“I Can’t Feel You” / To Grow Old In

I paired these together because they are both so intense and emotional. Really, I could have just made episode 8 one of the moments and I think everyone would understand that. Hayward set Wanda up right before this, so my emotions were already running high. Poor Wanda has had so much loss in her life. She just wants to be happy for once, is that too much to ask? 

“I can’t feel you” is a reference to all I feel is you from Avengers: Infinity War. And then, as if that wasn’t enough, Marvel also throws in the fact that Vision and Wanda had purchased a lot to build their dream home to grow old in. Of course, it is in the town of Westview, and that is the moment that it is all too much for Wanda and she explodes power, creating the sitcom world we started in. And also, creating a brand new Vision.

wandavision episode 8 scarlet witch

Scarlet Witch

Ever since Hayward says that Wanda didn’t have a code name, I knew this was coming. Seeing Wanda in her OG Scarlet Witch costume during the Halloween episode was incredible, but hearing her actually be called the Scarlet Witch — perfection. The icing on the cake is that Agatha is the one to do it.

scarlet witch wandavision

The Scarlet Witch Outfit

Just seeing Wanda in her new The Scarlet Witch outfit made me giddy with joy! She looked INCREDIBLE! Agatha totally said exactly what I was thinking saying she looks hot in it. I LOVE that reveal, and as a fan of the comic books it was incredible to see her headdress become officially cannon! 

wandavision finale

Wanda Says Goodbye

Wanda knows what pain she is putting the residents of Westview in as they beg her to kill them or let them go. Agatha points out that she can only save Westview or her family and she knows what she must do. Before her and Vision head back to the house he says she will set things right, and adds “but not for us”. That is a punch to the gut because the whole walk home, she knows what she will be giving up to save these innocent people.

Although I assumed this series would end with Wanda losing her twins and Vision, I did not think she would be going out on her own terms. While this goodbye was absolutely heartbreaking, it was kind of a perfect ending — or a segue anyways as we see her in the end credit scene flipping through the Darkhold and then hearing her sons call out to her. 

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