WandaVision Episode 8 “Previously On” Recap & Review (SPOILERS)


WandaVision episode 8 dives into Wanda’s past and gives fans of this show a whole lot of insight on how it came to be.

wandavision agatha all along

The end of WandaVision episode 7 and the fact that we got an end credit scene made me immediately think we aren’t in Westview anymore. I mean, we probably are BUT I didn’t expect there to be anymore sitcom vibes and I knew that things were about to get real. 

WandaVision episode 8 delivered on the getting real part as we dove into Wanda’s heartbreaking past in order to understand her present, and her future. 

Below is my recap and review of WandaVision episode 8. Be warned, there will be spoilers as I will touch on all major plot points of this episode. If you have not yet watching this episode, and want to go in completely blind, skip this article (but please do come back later for my review). If you missed my WandaVision episode 7 recap, check that out.

WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 8
“Previously On”

While I am not normally one for episodes that jump back in time, this one was completely necessary. And I just LOVE the way it was done. We start off with Agatha back in Salem, Massachusetts in the year 1693. She is being dragged to a stake and is asked if she is a witch.

When she says yes, it was immediately obvious that this was the coven interrogating her. Agatha is accused of going above her station and delving into magic that is too powerful for her. But when they try to kill her she ends up absorbing all of their power — including her mother’s.

agatha harkness wandavision episode 8

Cut to Agatha and Wanda in the dark basement and we learn Agatha sensed the powers in Westview and came to see what it was all about. She played along with Wanda’s games, but eventually got bored with them. She has also placed runes in the basement that will block Wanda from using her powers. Since Wanda doesn’t seem to know how this whole thing started, Agatha wants to take her to her past to figure it out.

We first see Wanda’s home in Sokovia with her parents and brother — and how her love of sitcoms clearly influenced the realities she created. She says that she likes them because there is a problem that seems scary, but is silly — maybe a little bit scary. As they are watching an episode of Dick Van Dyke a Stark Industries bomb hits their house, and he parents die. We see her and Pietro hiding under the couch as another bomb drops.

This one is a “dud” but Agatha, who is watching this memory, mentions that it was a probability hex that little Wanda put on the bomb without realizing. Signifying that she had powers before volunteering at Hydra.

wandavision episode 8 scarlet witch

wandavision episode 8 scarlet witch

Speaking of Hydra, that is where they go next and what happens here is INCREDIBLE! When Wanda steps into a room with the Infinity Stone, it changes her. It speaks to her and amplifies her powers. We also get a glimpse of what can only be Wanda in the future — Scarlet Witch headdress and all.

wandavision episode 8

Then we flash forward again, this time to Wanda and Vision talking after Pietro has been killed. Wanda says she is drowning and grief and Vision adds in that it can’t be all sorrow. He talks about how he has always been alone so he has never experienced loss. But what he says about grief really got me — “What is grief, if not love persevering?”

Agatha then brings up a great point. She lost her parents, then her brother, then Vision. But when Vision wasn’t there to pull her back from her grief, what happened?

wandavision episode 8

Now we are in a much more recent time and get to see Wanda show up at S.W.O.R.D. looking for Vision’s body. Except it doesn’t go how we have been led to believe. Hayward allows her in. They offer to buzz her in but she uses her powers to open the doors — something Hayward used to make it look like she broke in. Wen she gets into his office she says she just wants Vision’s body so she can give him a funeral and bury him. 

wandavision episode 8 hayward

During this conversation it is very obvious that Hayward is setting her up. He mentions that she could bring Vision back if she wanted to, and she even mentions that she couldn’t do that. He lets her approach his dismembered body, while he talks about the fact that he is dismantling a Sentient Weapon. He pushes her almost to her limits — all while taking key parts of security footage to show to S.W.O.R.D. later. Eventually she touches Vision’s head and says the most heartbreaking line of the series — “I can’t feel you.”

wandavision security footage

Wanda leaves, without stealing Vision’s body like Hayward has told everybody. When she gets to her car there is a note. A property deed that says To Grow Old In inside a heart. Signed V. This property is their house in Westview. We see Wanda drive there and collapse, crying. Eventually a whole lot of power comes out of her, creating the Hex, changing Westview, and also creating a new Vision. Yeah, this Vision is NOT made from his body. 

wandavision episode 8 wanda creating vision

Now we are back in Westview and Agatha is in her true outfit. She has the boys hostage and tells Wanda she is supposed to be a myth. That she uses Chaos Magic and that makes her… the Scarlet Witch. BOOM!! Something I was truly expecting to be saved for the final episode but I will take it as the cliffhanger leading into it.

wandavision episode 8 scarlet witch

There is a mid credit scene in this episode as well that really gives us some insight as to what is going on. We see Hayward outside the Hex and he is talking about how they tried everything to power something up and all they needed was a little bit of energy from the source — zoom in on the bomb that Wanda threw out of the Hex still covered in her energy.

wandavision white vision

Turns out he is talking about Vision’s body, which of course we know now, that Wanda did not steal. They power him up and we get White Vision. Something we see in the Vision Quest comic book storyline and a very similar situation. After he was dismantled Pym was able to put him back together, but he lost all emotion and was just an android. 

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