Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 1×7 Recap & Review (SPOILERS)


As WandaVision heads into the third act, I expected some big reveals — here is my recap and review of WandaVision episode 7.

wandavision episode 7

Marvel’s WandaVision has been so clearly set up into acts — and with episode 7 we are now entering act three. This is has been long awaited for me, and from the moment I saw the title of this episode, I figured it would be a good one! It is called “Breaking the Fourth Wall” and the description mentions Vision forming a new alliance. My brain immediately started spinning with ideas — and this episode delivered!

Below is my recap and review of WandaVision episode 7. Be warned, there will be spoilers as I will touch on all major plot points of this episode. If you have not yet watching this episode, and want to go in completely blind, skip this article (but please do come back later for my review). If you missed my WandaVision episode 6 recap, check that out.

WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 7
“Breaking the Fourth Wall”

This episode starts off right with the aftermath of the Halloween episode. Wanda is very down on herself and starting to break. Parts of the reality are flickering in and out and she even mentions how she maybe shouldn’t have expanded the reality she created. The boys are worried about her, and then Agnes shows up, and offers to take them for a bit to let her rest. 

Vision wakes up inside the newly created circus and immediately finds Darcy. She, of course, doesn’t remember him and is now an escape artist. It doesn’t take too long for him to decide to awakener her, and then the two leave the circus while she explains everything that has happened to him. 

wandavision episode 7

He really comes to understand everything that Wanda has lost, and just how much the two of them have endured prior to coming to Westview. The town seems to be stopping them from getting to Wanda — but who is doing it? Wanda or… someone else? My money is on someone else. As they wait for a group of children to cross the road, after the traffic light was fixed, Vision just phases out of the vehicle and flies to get to Wanda. We do not see them reconnect in this episode.

The commercial in this episode features the same woman we saw before. It is a commercial for an anti-depressant and drops some serious truth on the fact that Wanda is battling depression. The drug is called Nexus — and it ends by saying because the world doesn’t revolve around you…or does it?

billy and agnes wandavision episode 7

Over at Agnes’ house we see her with the boys and Billy tells her that he likes it there because it is quiet there — and that she is quiet on the inside. Earlier on he mentioned that he is hearing a lot of voices, which is his powers kicking in of course. 

Monica and Jimmy get to the team they have been wanting to meet and — it falls flat as we don’t get to see the Aerospace Engineer (yet) — but what happens next is still pretty insane! They have built exactly the vehicle that Monica wanted to use to get inside the Hex and well, it doesn’t all go according to plan. Despite thinking it could enter without a problem it has a hard time doing in, and when it does, it gets changed. This ends up being half truck — and that is when Monica realizes she needs to go in herself.

wandavision episode 7 monica

As Monica enters the Hex she hears the voices of her mother, Nick Fury, and Carol Danvers. She changes, and YES, she gets her powers! Will she go by the name Photon or Spectrum? Who knows for sure, but what we do know is that now she is superpowered. 

Monica goes off to confront Wanda and when she arrives, she does her best to explain that she is a friend. She tries to let Wanda know what Hayward has been up to — that he has been trying to get Vision back online as a sentient weapon — something that I speculated for a while now but was confirmed in this episode.

wandavision episode 7 monica

Monica seems to be getting to Wanda and of course Agnes comes to stop it before she can talk reason into her. Just like Pietro showing up when vision was about to make her realize what she was doing was wrong. Agnes ushers Wanda into her home and Wanda quickly realizes that the twins are missing. There is even a  fly on the wall which could be Mephisto disguising himself as he does in the comics. Agnes tells her they must have gone into the basement, and so Wanda heads down there. 

Things in the basement are very different — dark, creepy, and there are roots and vines growing everywhere. At the end of the hallway there is a room that is clearly a witch’s room. We even see the Darkhold — a book that can literally trap souls so maybe that is where the boys are. Agnes walks in the room and introduces herself as Agatha Harkness — something that many have speculated from the start.

Agatha does something to Wanda, turning her eyes to purple. Perhaps controlling her, or perhaps just reveling the truth to her. Cue a very catchy song sequence where we see all the things Agatha has truly been controlling in Westview, including “Pietro”. She even goes full evil and admits she killed the dog Sparky too! 

wandavision agatha all along

During a mid-credit scene we see “Pietro” catch Monica snooping around Agatha’s house. He startles her and says “snoopers gonna snoop.”. 

WandaVision Episode 7 Thoughts

While this episode did not give me the answers that I wanted, we sure did get a big reveal! Agnes being confirmed as Agatha Harkness was super exciting – and done in the best way possible! That song is EVERYTHING and I could listen to it on repeat for days. 

Things are only going to get crazier from here on out. I cannot wait to see Vision and Wanda reunited. Does the fact that we get a mid-credit scene mean that the sitcom world is over? I think it does. If I had to guess, I really do not think that this is going to be a happy ending. We know it is setting up for Doctor Strange 2 — and honestly, this show has been of the thriller/horror genre from the start. It is truly a tragic tale, and my heart breaks for Wanda and Vision.

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