WandaVision Episode 1×6 “All-New Halloween Spooktacular” Recap & Review (SPOILERS)


The WandaVision Halloween episode we have all been waiting for where they don the OG costumes — recap and review for episode 6!

wandavision halloween episode 6

The time is finally here! From the moment we first saw Wanda in her classic Scarlet Witch costume and Vision looking like the original Vision in the trailer, I have been waiting to see this episode! I know I am not the only one. And after the ending of episode 5, I was even more hyped to see what this episode will bring. This show just gets crazier and crazier — and I am HERE for it!

Below is my recap and review of WandaVision episode 6. Be warned, there will be spoilers as I will touch on all major plot points of this episode. If you have not yet watching this episode, and want to go in completely blind, skip this article (but please do come back later for my review). If you missed my WandaVision episode 5 recap, check that out.

WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 6
“All-New Halloween Spooktacular!”

The episode starts off with the gang getting ready for Halloween and we get to not only see the OG Scarlet Witch and Vision costumes, but Billy as Wiccan too! I was so thrilled about that. Tommy is not wearing his Speed costume, but he is wearing his Speed colors, which I will take. The two boys joke around with Uncle Pietro and we realize that he is very, very childish — which is why Evan Peters was the smart casting choice there.

wandavision wanda og costume

Vision is already butting heads with Wanda again – flat out saying that he had no choice but to wear that costume because it was the only thing in his closet. There is another important line that Pietro drops — saying that Wanda might be repressing her trauma and remembering things from their childhood differently.

When Vision tells Wanda that he is going on Neighborhood Watch patrol she gets very upset, saying that is not what he is supposed to do — but changes that to that he didn’t tell her he had plans. Pietro says he will step in as the father figure during trick or treating. As Vision leaves, he tells Wanda to be good. Then, Pietro and Tommy both change into the classic Quicksilver X-Men costume which is AMAZING in order to go trick or treating. 

Cut to S.W.O.R.D. and Hayward is abusing his power, eventually kicking out Monica, Jimmy, and Darcy. However, they kick some serious butt in order to free themselves and get undercover and back in. 

Back to Westview and Pietro calls Wanda out on testing him. He even mentions that he knows he looks different and that the last thing he remembers is dying in the streets like a chump, and then her calling out to him. He says he knew she needed him and he came to her. INSANE.

wandavision vision og costume

He then runs off with the boys to steal candy and create havoc. When Wanda talks to Herb about having Vision help clean up the mess, Herb says that Vision is not on duty tonight. Yikes. Someone was lying in order to inspect WestView and try to figure out just what is going on. 

Jimmy, Monica, and Darcy have discovered that Hayward is tracking Vision by tracking decaying Vibranium signatures. They also realize that he citizens at the edges of town are barely moving. And just like that we cut to Vision in the outskirts of town and everyone is really messed up out there. Barely moving, tears in their eyes, and not even responding to him when he talks to them. He then transforms his outfit into his MCU outfit and flies into the air so he can get a better look. 

He spots a car and realizes it is Agnes. When he talks to her she says she got lost heading to the Town Square. Vision touches her head to free her and she mentions that he is an Avenger and is he there to help them. She also says that Wanda will not let them leave. Finally she mentions that he is dead and starts laughing uncontrollably until he zaps her back to her neighborly self.

wandavision agatha harkness

Monica mentions that she “guy” is arriving and will help her get back inside the Hex. Darcy looks at Monica’s medical file and tells her that she really shouldn’t go inside again. Having done it twice her cells are being rewritten at a molecular level — a hint that perhaps she will be getting her powers this way? Monica claims she doesn’t care and will be going in anyways. Her and Jimmy leave, while Darcy continues to try to crack the encrypted secrets that Hayward is hiding. When she finds it, she emails it to Jimmy, but we don’t see what it is.

The next few minutes are the most fascinating because we get REAL. Pietro is talking with Wanda and mentions that he is impressed with what she is doing. He respects that she is keeping families together, their personalities more or less the same, and even giving some people better jobs. He asks her how she is doing it and well, she says she doesn’t know. 

Cut to Vision trying to leave the bubble and he is literally being torn apart as he tries to do so. He calls to the S.W.O.R.D. agents that the people inside need help. Darcy runs over asking them why they won’t help him, and she ends up getting handcuffed to a vehicle for her efforts.

Just then we see that Billy is gaining his Wiccan powers and he senses that his father is in trouble. He tells his mom who literally freezes everyone and concentrates her efforts on expanding the bubble so that it will include Vision, and save him before he is torn apart again. 

The bubble now encompasses Darcy and the whole S.W.O.R.D. base — turning it into a circus. The only ones that seemed to escape is Hayward and the agents in his car, as well as Monica and Jimmy.

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So did this long awaited Halloween episode deliver for me? Absolutely! Is it just me or does it feel like every time we get an answer, we get one hundred more questions? Not just me. OK, good. 

This episode TOTALLY delivered. We got Wiccan in costume, Vision butting heads with Wanda, the Classic Quicksilver costume, and Pietro calling Wanda out on what she is doing. Not to mention Wanda going crazy and expanding the bubble on most of S.W.O.R.D. Things about the get really crazy and I cannot wait for it.

So who are Monica and Jimmy heading to meet? Reed Richards and Sue Strom? Is this how the Fantastic Four will be created? Who knows, but that is a good theory. And is this really all Wanda?! AHHH!! So many new questions. 

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