WandaVision Episode 1×5 “On a Very Special Episode…” Recap & Review (SPOILERS)


Episode 5 of Wandavision is called “On a Very Special Episode…” and it is the longest episode yet — here is my recap and review.

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Marvel’s WandaVision is most certainly a bold change from what we are used to — but an incredible one. In the previous episode we got an in depth look outside the “bubble” as I like to call it. We also got flat out told this is all Wanda’s doing — or at least that is what Monica Rambeau suspects. Episode 5 of WandaVision is the longest one yet, showing 42 minutes (including credits) and I knew this meant we were in for a treat.

Below is my recap and review of WandaVision episode 5. Be warned, there will be spoilers as I will touch on all major plot points of this episode. If you have not yet watching this episode, and want to go in completely blind, skip this article (but please do come back later for my review). If you missed my WandaVision episode 4 recap, check that out.

WARNING: Spoilers for Marvel’s WandaVision Episode 5
“On a Very Special Episode…”

A lot of amazing things happen in this episode of WandaVision but the key takeaway here is that we get some big reveals and the lines blur between Wanda’s Westview, and outside of it. The episode starts with an updated, now 80s sitcom where Wanda and Vision are just trying  to get the boys to sleep. She “cheats” and uses her powers to tell them to sleep, however, that doesn’t work. 

Just then Agnes stops by and asks if she needs help. Vision plays the protective father and doesn’t want her to touch the boys, and Agnes picks up her bag and asks Wanda if she wants her to take it from the top. She adds that she knows Wanda wants her to help with the babies. Vision sees this though and looks at Wanda with a confused look. Wanda kind of shrugs it off and says to Vision let’s let her help.

As with previous episodes we are starting to see Vision piece things together and realize that this is not reality, and something strange is going on. Just then the boys age up from babies to 5 years old. Not long after that they find a dog they want to keep, but Vision and Wanda tell them they need to be 10 to have a dog. So they age up again. Of course, Agnes showed up with something they needed — a dog house — and Vision even remarks about it. 

Because of this Wanda sends Vision off to work. Tommy and Billy even point out that it is Saturday and Wanda just mentions that he needed a distraction because they weren’t on the same page. 

Meanwhile, S.W.O.R.D. has come across footage of Wanda stealing Vision’s body from nine days before this. It becomes clear that she took him to Westview, reanimated him, and created Westview. This not only goes against the Sokovia Accords, it goes against Vision’s wishes. 

wandavision security footage

The Director of S.W.O.R.D. calls Wanda a terrorist but Monica says she doesn’t believe that Wanda is intending to hurt others. She describes being under her control painful, but also like she was drowning and being held down by grief. They decide to send it a drone — which has a missile attached that Monica does not know about. 

At work, Vision is setting up computers and they get a weird e-mail that talks about the “Maximoff Anomaly”. He decides to touch Norm’s head and see what is really going on with him. Norm snaps out of his trance and starts freaking out, looking for his phone. He wants to call his sister and check on his dad. he says it hurts and you have to stop her. 

wandavision norm

They use the drone to confront Wanda, and the Director issues them to fire. Just then, they get a breach alarm and head to the “bubble” to see what it is. Turns out is a VERY angry Wanda Maximoff. She storms out, drone in hand, and chucks it back at them. 

Wanda tells S.W.O.R.D. to leave her alone and she will leave them alone. When asked what she wants, she says she already has it. This makes it clear that Wanda knows exactly what is going on, at least for the most part. And she is not willing to give up her dream reality.

wandavision episode 5

Back inside the bubble the new dog, Sparky, is found dead. When Billy and Tommy look like they are about to age up, Wanda warns them about doing something like that just to run away from their grief — sure seems like this is what she is doing to an extent, doesn’t it? They tell her she can fix everything and ask her to fix dead. Agnes remarks “you can do that?“. 

Just then Vision arrives and consoles the boys. We see Wanda and Vision talking in the kitchen later and he admits he talked to the real Norm, and that she is hurting everyone. She tries to change the subject and end the episode — by literally rolling the credits — but Vision will not let it go. The two rise up in the air and it seems like they are about to fight. 

Vision admits that he is scared, and he can’t remember anything before Westview. Just when it seems like he might breakthrough to her the doorbell rings. She claims it is not her doing, and Vision says he wants to believe her. 

When she answers the door it her brother, Pietro — but the Fox version of him, Evan Peters. This is very interesting and even Darcy mentions “She recast Pietro?” That is where the episode ends.

wandavison quicksilver

Overall Thoughts

What an insane episode! There is so much to unpack in this one because it just gets better from beginning to end. I love how it spent time in both Westview and outside of Westview — but also had the lines blurring between them quite a bit. Vision is figuring it all out and when he discovers the extent of Wanda has done (bringing him back to life) I don’t think he is going to be very happy about it. 

I still theorize that either Wanda has some thing happening from her subconscious or there is another entity at play here. Maybe Mephisto or Agatha Harkness. Pietro coming back doesn’t seem to be Wanda’s doing. At least not purposefully. There has to be something to the fact that this is the Fox version of Quicksilver as well… I guess we will find out eventually. One thing is for sure, this show is bold, creative, and flipping amazing.

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