Taylor Swift – Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions Review


Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions is so much more than Taylor Swift singing her 2020 album, it tells the story behind each song.

folklore the long pong studio sessions

Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions just dropped on Disney+ today and as a massive Swiftie, you know I had to watch it first thing today. I truly believe that if you are a Taylor Swift fan you are going to love this movie. However, even if you aren’t her biggest fan, and are just a lover of music, it will be an interesting watch. 

Of course I loved seeing Taylor perform all the songs from her 2020 album folklore (my favorite album of the year), but I also really liked diving deep into the stories behind the songs. At the start of the special, Taylor discusses making the album and how it came about. Then, before she performs each song, she gets specific about what went into that specific song. She tells stories, describes her thoughts and feelings, and even drops some big reveals. 

taylor swift folklore the long pong studio sessions

William Bowery is Joe Alwyn

In Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions, Taylor Swift confirms a rumor that has been speculated for a while now. Her co-writer for songs on folklore, William Bowery, is actually her boyfriend Joe Alwyn. She is joking around with Jack Antonoff about how William isn’t there and then drops that he doesn’t actually exist. She admits that William is in actuality her boyfriend, Joe Almyn, before playing exile

Speaking of that particular song, the way they were able to still perform exile with Justin Vernon from Bon Iver, is pretty amazing. Even though he could not be there due to the pandemic, he makes an appearance singing his part of the duet. I thought this was super creative and I was genuinely excited they made it work the way they did.

taylor swift folklore the long pong studio sessions

Overall Thoughts

Like I said before, this is so much more than just an intimate concert and getting to see Taylor perform her songs from folklore. Viewers get to step into the world of her music and learn her mindset behind each lyric and each song. Something that is truly amazing for Taylor Swift fans, but also really cool for music fans in general.

One of my favorite parts of this special is watching Taylor’s facial expressions when she sings. I have seen her in concert several times before but to be able to see her face this close up as she not only sings the words, but FEELS them, is fascinating to watch. No one can watch this and say she is not a talented musician. And if they do, they are lying.

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during Folklore: The Long Pond Studio Sessions.

taylor swift folklore the long pong studio sessions

About Taylor Swift – Folklore The Long Pond Studio Sessions

Taylor Swift performs this intimate concert of every song from her recent album, “folklore.” Accompanied by her co-producers and filmed at the historic Long Pond Studios, a setting that evokes the nostalgic, wistful nature of the album, Taylor discusses the creation and meaning of each song as they record their first in -person performance together, since remotely producing the collection.

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