Magna-Tiles® Treasure Hunt Game Review: Full Of Creativity!


Magna-Tiles® Treasure Hunt from Ravensburger is a great game for kids to express their creativity and practice fine motor skills. Thank you so much to Ravensburger for sending this over for us to check out. All opinions expressed are 100% our own.

magna-tiles treasure hunt game review

My family loves to game. Not just video games, board games too. Every weekend you can find us gathered around the table with a stack of our favorite games. Not only do we love to have fun together, but this is a great way to bond. We are always looking for new games to add to our collection, and recently we received Magna-Tiles® Treasure Hunt from Ravensburger to try out. It was an instant hit with my daughters, and I can totally see why. 

Let me start off by saying that this game is actually three games in one – or even an endless possibility of games if you think about it. Ravensburger provides instructions for a Jungle Treasure game and an Island Race game. Then it gets really fun because kids can create their own game! The tiles can be drawn on with dry erase markers, and the stickers easily moved, meaning that the possibilities are endless!

magna-tiles treasure hunt game review

Jungle Treasure and Island Race are very easy to learn, for kids and adults. Ravensburger suggests this game for kids ages 3 and up and I have to agree. That age seems like the perfect time to start. My daughters are 7 and 9 though and like I said, they love this game.

Jungle Treasure is a lot of fun and really simple. You roll the die to move around the board and collect coins. But be careful! The sneaky monkey could steal some of yours if you land on a space with him. the first player to three coins, wins! As for Island Race that one has you racing to the finish line. My daughters’ favorite part about this game is that if you land on a monkey — you have to act like a monkey!

magna-tiles treasure hunt game review

While we all did enjoy the games that we were given instructions too, my girls had the most fun creating their own games — and I loved seeing their minds work as they came up with the craziest rules! They used dry erase markers to draw lions (and tigers and bears — oh my!) who would cause you to lose a turn, steal coins, and even do jumping jacks! Honestly, I love that they decided to add physical activity into the game, what a great way to keep us all entertained (and out of breath) on family game day!

This game comes with a good amount of Magna-Tiles®, but guess what?! They can be mixed and matched with other Magna-Tiles® sets to create an even bigger game! I think I know what they will be getting for Christmas this year… shhh — don’t tell them!

magna-tiles treasure hunt game review

About Magna-Tiles® Treasure Hunt

Magna-Tiles Treasure Hunt combines the power of play with hands-on learning and creativity! Collect golden coins in Jungle Treasure, act like a monkey in Island Race, or create their own game by making new rules! Magna-Tiles®: Treasure Hunt is a great first game that grows with your child and encourages fine motor skills, imagination, social development, and more!

Ages: 3+
Players: 2-4
Playing Time: 10 minutes
Price: $24.99

Buy Magna-Tiles® Treasure Hunt exclusively at Target!

magnatile treasure hunt

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